Monday, 15 April 2013

San Miguel (Day 6)

Word of the Day: Sin sentido (Sin-sen-teedo)

What an incredibly senseless attack on innocent people at the Boston Marathon. We were out for a lovely day, walking around San Miguel and come back to hear about yet another cowardly, random attack on U.S. citizens. This world is just messed up some days. Most importantly, our prayers and thoughts go out to ALL our American friends and neighbours who will have to, yet again, recover from this.

Strangely enough, I took this photo of Barack Obama today, in San Miguel, by a book store before I knew of any bombing. It is one of my favourite pictures of him with a pretty simple message...HOPE. 

Sometimes it's hard to find, but we must look harder....HOPE.
(Someone had already added the small blue Post-it-Note with a heart on the picture)
I am going to try and move on from this. I do not mean any disrespect for any of the victims or their families. I will try and impart something nice back into this day.
We, once again, spent a good part of the day on our feet walking all over this glorious town. Like I said the other day, everywhere you look there is something amazing to see, to hear, to watch. The colours abound. We love it  and are very happy to have come here. We will definitely be back.

 I know, more doors!!


This nice area led us to the more traditional Mexican market. The market where the local folks really do their shopping. It isn't really an "artisan type market" It's a regular people, needing things, type of market. We always enjoy these and actually found a great place for tortas (sandwiches)

 Diane, more cowboy boots for you - with red on them!!

 These are for our nephew, Kyle. We were wondering if this is
something you could help this fellow straighten out

...and never mind the sexy dress....
 Market wildlife...
 This poor little guy was so friendly.
The owner asked me if I wanted to buy him....YES!!! 

The last bit of wildlife waiting for his torta!!  

 Bike repair department and parts
More wool for my niece, Lacey!!!
 Now, this was a big work crew!!
There was hardly anyone just leaning on a shovel!!
We gathered at Posadito for dinner. It is right across from the Parroquia. We had a great dinner and a great view!! 
Clockwise from bottom left: Terri, Mike, me
Mary-Pat, Doug and Renate...

 Renate, Nancy, Mary-Pat andTerri
All these lovely ladies are leaving me tomorrow!!!!! (Boooo!!)

 Had to happen, the foot shot!!

...and the head shot!!


Evening approaches (taken from the back side of the restaurant)

 The back of the Parroquia

 From the front, in all it's glory!!

 The Ignacio Allende Museum, right by the Parroquia - he used to live here....

After dinner, we all walked a few blocks up to the Chocolate and Churros place...YES, again!! Well, we had to go one last time before they all left!!

 Yes, it really is thick enough hot chocolate that the churro
almost stands up in it!!!
That was our day. Very nice, once again!!
Got to Skype with Gus and his parents. Great laughs seeing him in the Jolly Jumper!! Do we ever miss this little guy!!! Well, computer Gus is better than not seeing him, I guess!!
Good night and cheers everyone!!

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  1. What a wonderful time we had at dinner and DESSERT. I'll remember it always. San Miguel de Allende has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the World! Exploring and enjoying with great friends is what it's all about. Love you guys.