Sunday, 14 April 2013

San Miguel (Day 5)

Word of the Day: Tarde (tar-day)

Sorry this is late!! We were out for an enjoyable dinner with Mike and Terri so didn't get back til late......might have had something to do with Chocolate and Churros.....just sayin', but more on that later!!

This morning we went out for breakfast. super cute spot, little birds everywhere in the courtyard. AND....I had this lovely green juice!! Yummy!!


Then it was on to a Home and Garden bus tour of 2 special houses here in San Miguel. This Home and Garden program is sponsored by the Biblioteca Publica of San Miguel. It is an organization that started some 50 odd years ago with some foreigners who had decided to move here that noticed that a big number of the children were not in school. They started up programs that the children could come and listen to stories in both English and Spanish and learn to read and write. The program still is in operation although services the schools by providing books and a place for children to come and do homework and are also offered free classes in music, art and computer skills. The tour is a bit expensive at $200 ps each ($17 Cdn) but since the funds all go to the above programs, we thought it worthwhile. Besides, then we get to see some neat houses in the process. Any homes in the tour are put on tour out of the generosity of the owners. So all in all, a win, win for everyone involved, especially the kids of San Miguel. Now, on to the tour:

The first home was out in the country. It is called Rancho Mi Sueno (Ranch of my Dreams). It is owned by Mexico's only Americo charro (cowboy). Huge house, very much, in what I imagine, a Texas home to be like. The gentleman, Chuck Collerain, is from Texas and was involved in the oil and gas industry. It took 42 weeks to build with approximately 40 workers. He has collections of things from all over the world but my favourite is the shrine to his little dog. You will see it later!! Enjoy the tour:


Every dining room chair had a different picture on the back...

Now, that's for some fancy peeing!!!

 Play station for Gus....

Tiny front entrance hall...
...with a fish pond!

 Senor Collerain and our friend Renate...

  ...and last but not least, the shrine and urn for a much loved pet.
I don't have this in my house......
Now, on to House #2. It is called Casa Tortuga (House of the turtle) and is owned by an American couple who don't come down to San Miguel much anymore. It is a combination of two 16th century houses. Imagine, already 300 years old!! (no New Home Warranty program left here!) It has original floors and ancient beamed ceilings. There were at least 4 different courtyard areas. this is one of those houses that, when you walk by it, you don't really know what is behind those walls that face the street. Pretty impressive. It did take up about 1/2 of a block from the front!!
That whole white area is the front of the house...
 First inner courtyard, where the turtles live in this fountain..
 Amazing to think those beams have been there for 300 years, huh?

 Waterfall going into the 2nd courtyard/garden area....
 2nd courtyard.....

 Looking back at part of the house from that 2nd courtyard

 I guess this would be the 3rd courtyard, complete with a pool.....

 Plants, plants, everywhere. Full time job just watering all the pots!!!

 Another (4th) upper courtyard/terrace area that was "off limits"

 Looking back down at the pool.....

 This chair was just begging for someone to come and sit for a spell...

 Huge kitchen. Notice the ceiling beams in here???

 Dining room comfortably sits 12 and has one wall covered with gold leaf.

 Just one of about 10 bedrooms. Sorry I didn't take more pictures inside, but I was
WAY more fascinated with the greenery and gardens outside!!

This is about the 5th courtyard area!!

Just us......
That was quite the tour, don't you agree? What I am intrigued by is how they manage to marry the old world homes with new technology. I mean, 300 years ago, there weren't bathrooms, toilets, computers, lighting. It just amazes me!! After that, we just wandered around again. Always so much to see in this town. Quite unbelievable.....
 Always a hat salesman somewhere!!

 We stumbled upon this small, outdoor Mexican art market....

 Then we stopped at Martin's Café for a glass of lemonade....

Walk, walk, walk. So nice to get out. Good thing too because we went out for dinner, again. I know, shameless aren't we? One more nice peak of La Parroquia tonight and then it was onto something special.

Yes, the famous Churros and Chocolate. So good. Super rich hot chocolate. Great way to end a fun day out in San Miguel de Allende!!

So, now it is VERY late. Some folks thought I wouldn't get this posted (me included) but here it is. I am sure you have all gone to bed by now!! (even Doug has...)

Cheers friends!!


  1. Beauthful homes, and I also enjoyed the gardens. Now I can go to bed. Goodnight !

  2. Sorry I kept you up!! At least I got it posted before midnight!!!

  3. We had Churros and Chocolate in Spain, it was so good!!!! The Chocolate was so thick, this will be a good memory!
    Today's Blog was great!
    We are counting down, see you soon!