Saturday, 13 April 2013

San Miguel (Day 4)

Word of the Day: Festividad (Fest-ee-bee-da)
                              Fesitval or celebration

Always seems that, In Mexico, there is something going on, some sort of festival or celebration. Or maybe it's just the ability that people have to gather in the squares and centros to enjoy life. Tonight, there is a dance at the local Lions Club, just up the street. For once, the music is actually louder than the church bells. The church bells are gentle enough a sound that they never disturb you, they are only in the background. The dance is, it seems, for teens. There is just orderly conduct all over. Everyone enjoying themselves.....pretty nice. 

We didn't do much today. Frist we wandered over to a nice artisan's market. Always nice things at those. Mostly for the tourists though. Still nice enough there:

Love this little guy's teepee!! 

 Glittery things...yup, I could buy one of each (sorry to Doug!!)
 There's our friend, Mary-Pat in the red shorts, skulking on ahead!!

 No counter, just use a tree!! 

Fresh breads, oils, jams, etc..... 

 Guard chicken....don't touch those eggs!!!

 Reminds me of the Steveston Market in Richmond, BC (right, Danna & Bob?)

Later, we walked about 1 mile down to the big Mega store, just to see what was what there. We just happened to walk by a Honda motorcycle dealership. The salesman really wanted to talk and "practice his English". Holy cow, he almost sold Doug a bike!!!

I'm not too sure about this idea..... 
Picked up a bit of wine (I know....) but also got some good stuff, like veggies. Seems that Doug always has to carry the heavy bags and I struggle along with just the veggies....sorry buddy. Once back we just chilled out, drank some of that wine and did a little barbeque. We like the "doing nothing" days and just hanging out!! Yup, still washing those veggies (my least favourite job!!!)

After dinner, we headed over to the little plaza and spectacular church that is about 1/4 block from the park. Can't even sum it up in a word....incredible, amazing, family-oriented, friendly, music. So cool. Right on the doorstep of the park too....

I am not a great photographer but I really think that I captured the colour of the sky, just about perfect, huh? It really shows off the church so well. Notice in the first three shots how the sky begins to change. Our friend, Renate, said that the church was like a beautiful jewel. I think she was right.

 The gracious San Antonio Church and Plaza....
 Oh my......

 The streets around the back of the church....

 I really like this shot - don't know why.....
After we had enjoyed the ambience of the plaza for a bit, we walked over to a little café for a coffee and a bit of dessert, shared of course!! (Well, we had saved money by making our dinner, after all....) Super nice view. If you look close enough, you can also just see the La Parroquia on the right in the centre of town....

 See the La Parroquia on the right? It really isn't little, of course!!

 It is incredible, how in the 1 hour from the first shot, it is totally dark!!

 See the "cheshire" moon, just by the blue illuminated cross??


 About 100 steps back down this quiet street to home.....

That's it. We are done for the day!!
Love to all!!
So, I hope we didn't tire you all out like yesterday!! Some days it is nice to not "have" to do much. By now, most of you know how we can tend to be a bit lazy!! (However, some of you could have offered to carry some of the groceries home though!!!)
Don't need tea as we had coffee. (...could be up all night!!)
Cheers friends!!

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