Tuesday, 9 April 2013

VdJ (Day 51): Bank Machines

Word of the Day: Verdad? (Bear-da?)
                             Really? or correct?

Hugh and Joanne finally got to leave today. They had the unpleasant experience of being in a car accident here a number of weeks ago. Everything went fairly smoothly with all the settling parties (ie. insurance, etc.) They got the "final" word that the car was, as they suspected, written off. Leaving, really?? We are sorry to see them go as they were the only other campers here!! Safe travels. They are heading for a wedding in the Lake Tahoe area for Saturday. Hope they can get there!! Hugh and Joanne live about 1 hour away from us, in Port Alberni, BC!! Small world, indeed!! See you back on the island!!


Really? That is what your mind says when you put your ATM card into the bank machine and jump through all the hoops and then it spits it back to you (and really, there is no more apt a description) and it says "Contact your Financial Institucion...yes that is how it is spelled!!

Well, naturally you look at each other (if there is another one of you....) and say "Really"?? That word is usually followed by a few token curse words. If there is another one of you, the other one MUST also try their card. No luck either-surprise!! Of course, as you exit the cubicle, someone always...siempre  (see-em-pray), looks at you and thinks....Ha, no money, huh?? Then you drive back to the house and look on the computer to ensure that you actually DO have some money. Yup, we did.....Oh well, just a glitch in the banking world. We made another trip to Mazamitla and still no luck at the Bancomer machine. Sal told us to go over to San Jose del Garcia. They had a Bancomer machine right at the bank in the square. Sure enough, all was fine and we got money. Well, we HAD to pay rent you know!!

So, that is my sad story today and the amazing segway into today's pictures. But honestly, can't you all see yourselves in that cubicle?? What our world has become!! Anyway, here are some pictures. It is a lovely looking little town and we will go back for another look around when Bob and Danna are here in a few weeks!! It is only about 10 kms away....

Beautiful, purple jacaranda trees....

Hey, check out that good-looking van!!
After that we made the quick trek home and over to Valle de Juarez's town square. Doug spotted a gentleman that sells hamburgers and hot dogs in the square the second day we arrived and he hadn't gotten a chance to try them. Voila, dinner is served!!
First though, we followed some hard working guys on their way home for the day. Check out how casually the fellow in the red is sitting on the truck frame, just swinging his leg!!

That's all that's left of our 2nd hamburgers!!! Yes, our 2nd ones!!
Well, there's another day in paradise for us!! Lots of sunshine and warmth. Sorry if you didn't get that today.
Tomorrow morning we are off to San Miguel de Allende. Check us out there!! Tea is steeping, time to go!!
Cheers friends!! 


  1. They want to get to Lake Tahoe by Saturday? Good luck to them!

    We've never had a problem using the Santander machine at Mazamitla.

    You're parking that good looking van awfully close to other vehicles!

    1. Weird that the Santander machines, everywhere will not take our credit union card. Not sure why. It is a good looking rig, isn't it?!

  2. Have fun in SMA! If you see Mary Pat and Renate, please give them hugs from us. Safe travels!

    1. Mary-Pat and Renate are there and we are going out for dinner tonight with them and Terri and Mike. Should be fun!!

  3. Love the trees, can't wait, we are counting down!
    Danna and Roberto