Monday, 22 April 2013

VdJ (Day 55): Pajarete

Word of the Day: El cuchillo (El koo-chee-yo)

Today we headed back over to Francisco's small dairy farm for parajete. Remember that is the drink that we put chocolate and sugar cane alcohol (to kill any possible bacteria, which is normally not even there) into a glass and Francisco squirts the milk straight from the cow into the glass. Mix it up and fresh pajarete. Very old traditional drink.....I think Bob and Danna really enjoyed it! First though, our illustrious camp ground owners always make everyone feel welcome with a nice sign. Two other campers, Mike & Diana, had also arrived on Saturday.

Francisco, our favourite modern day dairy farmer. Very small production. He has to milk his cows twice a day and they all have names. Paloma is one that stands out in my mind. He had to call her because she didn't come for her turn. Did you know that all the cows come to the same feeding station each time. They just know where to "park"!! They want to come into the little barn because they get all kinds of yummy treats of alfalfa, minerals, ground up "stuff". Guess it's like candy to them. We loved the fact that he is small enough a dairy farm that he can name his cows....and they come when he calls them!!!

 Just waiting for some fresh milk...

 Better than Starbucks!!

 I think Bob and Danna like it!!

 Now, back at the RV park, Sal (under Barb's exacting instructions) gets ready
to filter and pasteurise the milk!!

 Under that metal dial at the bottom of this pan is the micro filter

  Bob is an expert wood craftsman and he did these walnut signs for
Barb and Sal as gifts. He's a very talented guy!!
After pajarete, we headed over to Mazamitla to give Bob and Danna a small, brief tour of that nice Pueblo Magico town. Plus, it is their tianguis (market) day on Mondays. It's like a little Bavarian town in the mountains about 10 kms from here. One of our favourite places to go and wander. We'll go back again with them.
 This market has nice looking guys....

 ...and nice looking chicks!!

 Oh, and turtles too!!
 Not to be outdone by the snazzy shoes!!!
As we walked by the fire truck, that is always parked by the market (in case of spontaneous combustion, I guess), Bob noticed the Canadian flag on the side. Upon closer examination,we discovered that some of the Southern Alberta Rotary Clubs have sponsored this truck. Likely paying for it and paying to transport it down to Mazamitla. Good on them. Here's a BIG shout out to the towns of Lethbridge, Raymond and Coaldale, AB!!! Well done you guys!!!

So, that was the day. We had such a late lunch that we only had crackers and cheese and bread for dinner (okay, okay...and a few drinks) Great first day for Bob and Danna, we hope!! Look out for more!!

Our son, Josh, has Monday's off so he likes to take his mountain bike up to some of the local downhill tracks and ride. This afternoon he was up on the 3rd switchback on Fromme Mtn. in North Vancouver and he thought we would like this picture. Now, for those who follow the blog regularly, they will notice that I do like to take pictures of our feet in all kinds of places!!  Thanks buddy - we do appreciate you thinking of us and we loved the picture!!

That's my boy!!!
That's it, Beglaw out. See you all tomorrow!! (maybe there will be a Gus picture tomorrow...just sayin')
Cheers friends!!

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