Sunday, 28 April 2013

VdJ to Bucerias

Word of the Day: Semana (Se-mana)

We left Valle de Juarez about 8:20 am this morning. It is a nice drive over to the coast to the Bucerias/Puerto Vallarta area. Unfortunately, Euri does not have air-conditioning so it does get a bit warm, but we don't mind!! It takes about 6 hours to reach Bucerias. It was well worth the drive!! 

The Royal DeCameron is comprised of 6 main buildings with rooms and some additional entertaining buildings. There are five pools and many bars. It is really clean and lush. Trees everywhere - oh, and the ocean too!! Pretty much the best of all worlds!! Our building is not on the ocean, but rather on the street directly behind the main buildings. It sounds like a bit of a walk but it is just across the street and into a nice lobby (...not even a street really). From there, it's straight past some more pools to the ocean. All in all, about a 2 minute walk from the building we are in.......

That's our room, right up top, under the pink edge.....WAVE!!! 
...and this is our view for the week...pretty sweet!!

  Getting acquainted with the lay-out.... 

 Oh look - we found one of the first bars!!

You will probably be seeing lots of us this next week!!
So we are here and settled. Went out for one of the nice dinners tonight, just at the buffet. It was very nice food, mostly Asian cuisine. We all enjoyed it and followed everything up with a few coffees and a Kahlua or two!!
Should be an action packed week - stay tuned!!! (It might be sunny.....just sayin')
Cheers friends!!