Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bucerias (Day 3): Brazilian Day!!

Well, we have another Happy Birthday, tomorrow for our nephew, Kyle Beglaw, who lives in Medicine Hat, AB.

We were thinking of you, Kyle, and we hope that tomorrow, May 1st, you have a great day!!

Word of the Day: Complejo (Com-play-sho)
                             Complex or hotel

Well, what can a person say about this type of resort/hotel living? It's nice to have virtually no decisions to make all week. The biggest decision is where to eat and which chair to lay upon for the duration of the day.....and we are okay with that for the week. Could a person live like this all the time? Not likely, but for a week, yup!!

 Heading to the town of Bucerias...

 I know, Bob and Danna!!

 He is never far from our thoughts!!

Hard working young fellow - selling drinks...
We walked all along the beach down to the market area of Bucerias. It was nice to feel the sand beneath our feet. Never get tired of that!! After awhile, we stopped for a few beer. They tasted pretty darn good, too! Even for me, who is not a beer drinker!!

Back at the resort, we had a nice lunch and then headed for an afternoon hanging out by the pool.

 Ready for dinner....Brazilian fare tonight!!
 Me and my tall friend, Danna....

 Brazilian fare seems to include an unusually large amount of meat - most of it was over-cooked. Bit disappointing but, hey, that's what happens when you try new things!!

 Come on, scoop it on!!

That's it for the day!! 
It was a really nice, relaxing day. Hope you all had the same!! We will see what tomorrow brings!!
Cheers friends!!

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