Monday, 1 April 2013

VdJ (Day 43): Lunch with new friends

Word of the Day: Amigos (a-mee-goes)

...okay, okay, that was almost too easy because almost all of you know that one!!

Started out this morning saying adios to 7 sets of campers!! Among the "leavers" was Kevin and Ruth. We will certainly miss them!!


Adios amigos - hasta la proxima ano!!
(Bye friends, see you next year!!)
Then, for us it was off to the paint and body shop. Euri is getting a whole new "do". He has a goodly amount of rust starting in various corners and the paint is starting to look a bit "long in the tooth". We will be without wheels until about April 11th.....
Then it was a ride into town "Mexico style", in the back of Barb and Sal's pick-up truck to go for our lunch date with Mary-Pat and the Gomez/Perez family. 
Lunch with the Gomex/Perez family was simply wonderful. They had prepared that cheeky turkey from across the street with a beautiful mole sauce, rice and hand made corn tortillas, fresh avocados and fresh fruit juice to drink. We ate like kings (...and queens!) After much conversation inside, we headed out to the back garden and got the grand tour. Mary-Pat is bilingual and Doug does really, really well. Me, on the other hand......not so good. I just smile lots and try to listen really hard to pick up ANY words I can (sorry, Professora Barbara)
Don Jose explains something to Mary-Pat...
Proof positive that a Grandpa's workbench and shop is the same, no matter what country you are in!! This one was, as expected, filled with nuts, bolts, wire, rope, WD-40, plastic things and bits and bobs of all types. Oh, along with some turkeys laying on many eggs!!
Maria Fernanda tries to coax the momma turkey out of the box!!!
Dona Raquel just reaches in and picks the other momma bird up!!
That's a lot of eggs under her!!!
All this greenery on this "host" tree are orchid plants!!
Beautiful amaryllis
Socorro, looking quite disgusted at the jar full of scorpions. When they find them in the house, they catch them live and put them in this jar of pure alcohol. If anyone gets bit by one, they rub some of the alcohol on the sting, before they go to the doctor!!
All their poison is secreted out and lays in the bottom......Wow!!
Maria Fernanda and older sister, Carolina....
What a great afternoon. We were treated just like family. This seems to be the Mexican way of things and we cannot thank the family enough for opening their home to us!! Socorro tried very hard to get us to come back to Mexico City with her when she leaves Tuesday or Wednesday. Too bad we can't this time, but we certainly will next year!!  We have told Maria Fernanda that we will email her in Espanol and she has to email us back in English!! Should be fun!!
Thank you Gomex/Perez family!! We will see you all, again!!
Dona Raquel, Carolina, Maria Fernanda, Don Jose & Socorro
Tea is on and we will relax. We certainly did not need anything else to eat tonight after that feast!!!
Cheers friends!!

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