Saturday, 20 April 2013

VdJ (Day 53): Tianguis

Word of the Day: El Avion (El Ab-yon)

That's right, after MUCH planning, our dear friends, Bob and Danna arrive into Guadalajara Inter'l Airport on Sunday at 5:06 pm (...not that I am keeping track or anything!!) We are really looking forward to their visit and showing them a "real" Mexico adventure. Should be so much fun. Stay tuned!!!

Today was oil change for Euri, car wash for Euri and the weekly tianguis here in Valle de Juarez. (I know, busy, busy, aren't we?!)


 Look closely at this picture. Martin, the veggie man's brother, is in the black
on the front bottom right of the picture. The guy in the plaid shorts and white shirt on the left is throwing a pineapple to him. They are loading up the table. Can you see it?
Kinda like the old Where's Waldo books, isn't it?!! 
Can you also imagine this happening in a Safeway store at home????? 

 Chema and his son, Christian, at their usual carnita (like cooked pork)
stand in front of the restaurant. Now, this is a Saturday tradition!!
That's Mrs. Chema (Irma) at the boiling fryer...

 Busy spot - Hey, wanna play "spot the Canadian"??

 Not sure of the name, but little tacos with meat bits are put into this
pot to deep fry.  They looked pretty yummy. Might have to try those next time!!

 Then it was onto our usual carniceria (butcher) for a few bits of this and that.... 

 Love the way almost EVERY shop has their TV on.....

Then it was onto the baker. This is at the back corner of their house.
Hey, the Butcher, the Baker, but sorry, no Candlestick maker!! 

We had to make a trip to the "big house" (a.k.a. Barb & Sal's real house) so she could scan some documents to our accountant. Time for a visit with the "other" dogs of Hacienda Contreras. Bella, the white lab who is about 1-1/2 years old and Osa (which means black bear in Spanish) who is the elder stateswoman at 11 years nice!!
Okay everyone, that was it for the day. Watered some of the gardens here at HC and welcomed some nice, new campers. Other than that, it was a nice, low-key day.
Tea is almost done and I am "hitting the hay" early!!
Cheers friends!!

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