Wednesday, 24 April 2013

VdJ (Day 57): Concepcion de Buenos Aires

First off, we want to wish our nephew, Brent Johnston, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We understand that he and his wife Leigh are in Phoenix (maybe a hockey game??) to celebrate. Anyway, Brent, we hope you had a great day today!!!
Prickly maguey plant (used in the production of mezcal, which is like a tequila)

Word of the Day: Mi terruno (Me tear-un-yo)
                             My piece or plot of land

Today, we took Bob and Danna into Concepcion de Buenos Aires. We really like this town. Very peaceful and everyone seems very friendly. It is about 1 hour from Valle de Juarez. A very nice drive through rolling countryside and farmland. Never do I tire of the drive.

My travelling "peeps"



Sometimes, small things say a lot....

Jacaranda trees, still blooming...


Not sure who TKM is, but they must love someone...
 Patty, this photo is for you....a Star of David,
right here in the heart of Mexico!!
After our "walk-about", naturally we were hungry. When Doug's sister, Diane, was here, we went to a lovely restaurant in town, Mi Terruno Restaurant. ( you all wondered how I was going to work that word of the day in, huh?!) Well, we told the owners that we would come back in April with our Canadian friends. And, here we are...except they were officially closed. Door was open so we just walked right in, not even seeing the cerrado (closed) sign, ah, how ignorance is bliss sometimes!! They were extremely gracious and wanted us to stay and made us lunch anyway. How is that for hospitality??!! Thanks so much!! Next time we won't come on a Wednesday or Thursday though!!! Plus, he even brought us out complimentary ponche (punch) drinks made from all kinds of fruit juices and tequila, just to finish off our meal!!

Lunch buddies....

Isn't it amazing what an orange tarp can do for one's complexion??!! this place!!
It is their plot of land!!!


Church clock says "It's time to go!"
As we were nearing the end of town, Bob noticed some guys working in an adobe brick yard. Super neat to see this. We asked if we could take some pictures and they were all smiles!! The bricks are made, by hand, one at a time. One form for each. Once poured, they are hardened in the sun. When one side is hard, they tip them up on their sides to dry the underside. Unbelievable. Notice the one hard worker...bare feet!! Maybe he did not want to get his shoes all muddy!!  These workers are some of the backbone of this country. It is part of what we love about Mexico..... 

 No shoes.....
Another great day here in Mexico. But then, most days are great!!
Hope all our friends in Canada and the U.S.A. are doing well. Tea is almost gone and I am off to bed.
Talk to you all tomorrow!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. Hola, amiga! Wonderful to see you touring your amigos around to all the special places close to Valle de Juarez.
    How about that sweet guy at Mi Terrana opening just for you on his day off? We have a rather cute story to tell from this town, too. The day we all went in the tianguis, we were looking for a place to enjoy lunch. Jerry walked through an open door into what he thought was a restaurante. A women came out and smiled at him. He asked in Spanish if it was indeed a restaurante. She replied, no, it was her kitchen, but he was more than welcome to stay for comida with them! These two stories are perfect examples of the heart-warming tales the media should perhaps relay, instead of all the negative they seem intent to focus upon.
    Continued fun trips to you four! Disfrutan!