Wednesday, 3 April 2013

VdJ (Day 45): Nothing new

Word of the Day: Alto (All-toe)
                   in sign or in person

Nothing to tell you all about today. We stayed here all day as the van is in the shop. Did our 6 laps so at least we got some exercise!!

Tomorrow we will ride our bikes into town to check on the van. We think we are going to ask them NOT to put the awning back on and to fix the holes created by it as well. We may look at purchasing a thing called an "Add-A-Room". You know us, it's always a surprise!!

This is what my adorable grandson, Gus, is doing these days.....watching hockey! Jeepers, even the back of his head is cute!!

"...Go Canucks, Go!!"

Talk to you all tomorrow!!

Cheers friends!!

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