Thursday, 4 April 2013

VdJ (Day 46): Birthday, bike ride & a puzzle

Happy Birthday to our friend, Paula Gale!! Your presence is sorely missed here at Hacienda Contreras!!! Hope you had an awesome day!! I had my other special friend pose with me for this birthday picture!! You just might recognize where we are sitting.  

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Word/Phrase of the Day: Montar en bicicleta (mon-tar en bee-ce-cleta)
                                         To ride a bike

Yes, we did get our exercise today. We rode into town, which is 2.4 kms away. First stop was a quick peak in to see how Euri's facelift was going. Looks pretty amazing!! The owner and both his sons have been working on it. Sounds like it could be ready early next week. We may get to San Miguel de Allende late next week after all!!

Doug gives Euri the once over. We were impressed
with the care taken so far.
The ride into town is actually pretty good and we should have our hands slapped for not doing it more. No more excuses that's for sure. We rode facing traffic on the highway. There really isn't that much traffic and we were extra vigilant watching for the stop was groceries!! 
Loading them up!!
On the way home, we managed a trip to our favourite lunch spot, Taqueria GM by the Pemex. Yes, THE best tacos in the universe, right Mike?? Then we stopped briefly to watch the construction next door.(Hey, I know, we have lots of time on our hands!!) They have done an incredible amount of earth hauling into this site. These two fellows were actually breaking large rocks by hand....unbelievable in this heat!!
Pretty tough job. No gym workout required by these two fellows!!
That big tree you see on the left hand side is Sal & Barb's fiesta tree on the property...
I do have just one little bone to pick with an ex-camper that was here. COLLEEN UNRAU, I am talking to you!!! I have contacted the Mexican government and had them pass a law that you may NEVER pick out another puzzle again while visiting this country!!! It has taken all this time, since you left, with MANY people helping, to finish this puzzle. The muted, sappy tones were nearly impossible to work with. Barb and I finished!! (you are probably finding this quite funny aren't you!???) 
 Nearly there....
Somebody alert the media!!!
Thanks for listening. Glad to get that off my chest!! Otherwise, pretty quiet here. We enjoyed our day and we will talk to you all tomorrow. Remember, TGIF!!! Thank goodness it's Friday!!!
We have a loosely knit plan to get to San Miguel de Allende by about Wednesday next week, if Euri says it's okay!! Seems that we have some friends there we can visit!!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Euri is looking good! Can't wait to see when he is all done and spruced up.

    I managed to find a few pieces to that puzzle, as you said it was a combined effort. You and Barb did a great job!


    1. You are right Ruth, many people helped out on that one!!

  2. Well, I tried for about three minutes to find just one piece of BEIGE that might fit somewhere - then I gave up. Colleen, please, try colorful puzzle pieces!

  3. Wow! The van is looking soooooo good! Perhaps I'll have some bodywork done there next year and then these birthday's won't seem quite so painful! Thanks a big bunch for the birthday sign, picture and wishes. All are truly appreciated! So sweet of you!
    Enjoy San Miguel. Be sure to go to the rooftop terrace of the Rosewood Hotel for sunset cocktails one evening. Promise us! You'll love it and the view is really amazing!

    1. You are so very welcome for the birthday wishes! We ate all your cake, sorry!! We will put that rooftop terrace on the list for sure!!