Sunday, 21 April 2013

VdJ (Day 54): Company arrives

Word of the Day: Llegada (Yea-gada)
On the way to the airport we pass through Aijjic. It is a very congested area, just on the north shore of Lake Chapala. There is a huge area with just restaurants and always, there are these guys out on the road trying to flag you in.  
Anyway, we were on the way to the airport to pick up some pretty special people. Bob and Danna arrived, right on time and made it through customs in no time flat. We were on the road back to Valle de Juarez before we knew it!! One way to Guadalajara takes no more than 2.5 hours.
Bienvenidos en Mexico!!
We are so glad to have them come and visit us. We have some pretty neat things lined up to do. We will keep you posted all week. After a dinner and some drinks, they have headed off to their "home away from home"....a 35' Sundance 5th Wheel, across the driveway from us!!
Also fun is that we got more Gus pictures!!! I know, the well has been a bit dry but the kids came up pretty sweet with these ones. Only a few per day, okay?? (well, I gotta pace myself too you know!!)
 Hey, look at me, I can stand up - sorta!!! 

 As I said, I can stand up - but Dad can't!!!
Maybe I'll have to put him in this thing!!

Sometimes, I am just too cute for words, right Grandma??
Well, tea is L-O-N-G gone and everyone else is in bed except me!! I think I will head there now. Sorry this is late!!
Cheers friends!!

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