Tuesday, 2 April 2013

VdJ (Day44): Trip to Sahuayo

Word of the Day:  Solitario (Sol-e-tar-eeo) 
                             Lonely, to feel lonely

Wow, two more campers left today!! That just leaves Doug and I and also Hugh & Joanne from Port Alberni. We are feeling a little lonely!!

Mary Pat,dog Lacey and her 2 kitties getting ready to go... 
Renate and Rocky getting ready to follow!
I will miss both you ladies!! Stay in touch!!

A week or so ago, Hugh and Joanne (from Port Alberni) had the unfortunate experience of being in a car accident here and they just found out their car is being written off by the insurance company. All in all, their provider out of Los Angeles, Lewis and Lewis, has done a good job helping them. It has been a learning experience for us to observe all the steps that have been taken. For the most part, it is pretty much like in Canada. Bit slower process maybe, but basically the same. Now, they will just wait to find out what the settlement will be...

Because of this, we all (Barb, Sal, Hugh, Joanne and Doug and I ...I know, that's ALL that is left!!) headed into Sahuayo where the car is at the autobody shop. After that business, we went on a little tour of Sahuayo centro and then went back to Jiquilpan for lunch.

Love these markets. Everyone just doing their own thing. Tons of merchandise out for sale. Veggie and fruit market was especially interesting. Not sure why the fruits and veggie markets always amaze me but they do!! Maybe it's all the combined sights, sounds and colours!!

Renate - this is for you!! I know it is not spelled quite the same as your name, but nearly!!
Besides, it made me think of you and how your travels were going!!
Dayle Beatty, these are for you. Forget the "other" crowns that I showed you,
these are the real McCoy!!!! One day, I'm buying you a crown from Mexico!!
Man cooking garbanzo beans in the square. Remember when Sal
did them over the campfire in February? He is cooking them over a fire too!
Sorry, but I couldn't get far enough back to get one big picture!!
Bolsa (shopping bag) anyone, before you start??
Jicama (at the back) so big they looked like squash!!
I know you have all seen fruit before, but collectively, the always look so nice!!
Little dehydrated minows of some type. I believe they are used in soups, etc...
Peppers, peppers and...
peppers and more peppers and...
...still more...
...but THIS, this is the best pepper picture of all!!
There were two people, out of all those that I observed today, that stood out in my mind. Again, I never intend to be intrusive or judgemental. Just observing: 
This takes some serious practice and talent.
Notice that nothing in the bag is a symetrical size??
I am sure this young mother has a story to tell.
At first, I thought she was just waiting for someone. We never actually walked by her and when we were in the car, I noticed that every once in a while, she would barely extend
her bottom hand and someone would drop a coin into it. I will say a prayer for her
when I go to sleep tonight and hope she and her baby will be okay.
On to Jiquilpan. Nice little pueblo that we were at in February. Still really like their town square and fountain area:
That's it for the day. Very nice drive. Just because you've all been so good over Easter, here is another appearance of none other than.....GUS (a.k.a The Easter Bunny), enjoying some time in the sun!!
L-O-V-E this little boy!!!
Hope you all have had a wonderful day!!
Cheers friends!!

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