Saturday, 27 April 2013

VdJ (Day 60): Tianguis & Carnitas

Word of the Day: Desayuno (Desi-yoono)

Market day, but first...breakfast - Mexican style. We went to our favourite breakfast hang-out in Valle de Jaurez, La Cocinita. Very traditional Mexican breakfast and always good, especially the café de olla (which is boiled coffee with a hint of cinnamon and sugar - we normally like our coffee black, but this is great for a change!!) and freshly squeezed orange juice....hope Bob and Danna like it as much as we do!!

 Our faithful travelling companions!!

Very traditional cooking stove, wood-fired!!
 My favourite, the orange juice making station!!


Danna "tries" to buy a hat....didn't work out!!
You can keep on borrowing mine, my friend!!
 Now, on to our favourite part. Carnitas at El Retiro Restaurant!!

 Now, that's a paddle!!

 Our next favourite thing - paletas
We checked out one of the local tortillerias. Fresh corn tortillas. Really love going by these spots. So many people have their favourite one in town. I love the smell and the sound of the machine. You can buy however many you want. The nice ladies just weigh them on the scale for you... 
Bob, checking out the technique!

 ...and that's a lot of dough!!

  ...and out they come!!
So, after all that walking around, we went back past El Retiro and Chema invited us in for a nice cold beer. Thanks Chema, Irma, Christian and Sandra. 

So, onto the surprise for next week. We are heading to Bucerias (just north of Puerto Vallarta) for a one week stay at the Royal Decameron Resort. Should be fun!! We wanted to make sure that Bob and Danna got their beach fix while they were here. Should be lots of exploring we can do and lots of just sitting at the poolside. Hey, I've heard that "someone" could maybe bring us drinks!! How wild is that??!! Anyway, stay tuned for that adventure. Takes about 5 hours to get there from here.
Packing is done and we are off to bed!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. Hi Guys from New Mexico - Leasburg Dam State Park - can't wait to hear about your experiences at the beach. Have a wonderful time. I'll keep reading!