Friday, 19 April 2013

VdJ (Day 52): Chillin'

Word of the Day: Casa (ka-sa)

Alright, that was almost a freebie for you all because everyone knows that word!!

It was SO nice to sleep in our "own" bed, although that sounds like we don't like sleeping in Euri, which we do. At any rate, we were happy to just hang out. We (Doug) actually did some trip planning for the northbound leg. Should be interesting. We will keep you posted once we make our final decisions!!

Here is a picture of the kittie herd. I won't lie, I usually have to get a bowl of milk out to get a premium photo-op. Yup, works every time!! After this little milk-off, they all seemed to take turns trying to jump onto the little tree that was beside the picnic table. Kids, you know!!

The little grey and white one is so very polite!!

 This is Mr. Sassy Pants and his tough guy face. Not so much!!
Besides 5 loads of wash, that was pretty much the day. It's nice to have a day for just hanging out and chilling out!! Even in Mexico, the laundry still piles up!!
Hope you are all having a great Friday night! We just finished watching Anna Karenina, a Leo Tolstoy story. Doug says the book was a bit dry of a read and the movie, well, it was pretty weirdly done, like you were constantly walking through an opera. I just didn't get it......
but we did get tea!!
Cheers friends!!

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