Thursday, 18 April 2013

San Miguel to Valle de Juarez

Word of the Day: Principio (Prin-cip-ee-o)

That's what it is, the beginning of another little family!! Last night, Paul and Kristina Clarke, welcomed into this world, Mr. Harrison Donald Clarke (4 lbs-8 oz) at 8:58 pm AND Miss Emma Lorraine Clarke (4 lbs-10 oz) at 9:00 pm. Delightfully healthy, as are Mom and Dad!!

Just who are they, you ask? Paul and Kristina are best friends of Josh and Kathy. We have known them for a long time and have enjoyed their company on many, many occasions. (Yes, sometimes their company was a bit noisy, with Josh and Kathy, but always enjoyable!!) Paul even likes my Thai Sweet Chili Sauce - which means he is almost in what is left of my will, after Gus and my kids!!. We are so very happy for them. TWINS!!!! Double the blessings, double the fun, double the run bikes!! You guys rock!!! Hope you don't mind me jacking your pictures of the babies and putting them on the blog!! Can hardly wait to see them!!!! Stay well everyone!!!

Well, now Gus is firmly entrenched with 2 more playmates! Funny, Josh said that when they were visiting at the hospital tonight, Gus looked like he was ready to go get his driver's license! Doesn't take long for your kids to start growing and changing!!

We left San Miguel Allende this morning at about 10:45 am and arrived back at Valle de Juarez at about 4;30 pm, after a 1 hour shopping trip to the grocery store. I did the driving today and gave Doug a much needed rest from the wheel. Actually, I enjoyed it. I really haven't driven much in Mexico and I think it was good for me to drive, all day. You kinda forget after someone else driving so much of the time. All went well, especially when I outran the Federal Police!! (...kidding!!) Can you imagine, with my VW Westfalia???

All was well when we got back "home" Barb had made a great dinner for us and we sat at their comfy kitchen table and enjoyed a few drinks and laughs. They always make us feel at home here. We will be forever grateful for their friendship!!

Don Quioxte and Fiona needed some food and water. Remember, they are down the road in the next pasture. I went over with Sal to "help" which meant that I did nothing but take a few pictures.

I hope that Paul and Kristina aren't annoyed with me that their beautiful babies are posted on the same day as the donkeys. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE these donkeys, so it is a bit of an honourable placement, for all!! (ha ha ha) 

 Sal explains to Fiona that it is NOT okay for her to hog all the food!!

 Don Quioxte actually tried to pull this food pan away from her,
but she was wise to him...

 Even a donkey pen sunset is beautiful!!

 They seem pretty happy here!!
Well, that's our day. It was made doubly great by hearing bout Mr. Harrison and Miss Emma Clarke. Again, so super excited for Paul and Kristina!!
On another note, I did have a faithful blog reader complaining about the lack of Gus pictures! Heads up, Josh and Kathy!!! Just sayin'.....
Happy evening, everyone
Cheers friends!!