Tuesday, 16 April 2013

San Miguel (Day 7):

Word of the Day: Amigos (Am-ee-goes)
                             Friends (pretty sure you ALL know this one....)

"Then there were 3" Sadly, all our friends left today. That only leaves us with two other rigs here and they aren't too social so we don't see either of them at all.

Renate and Mary-Pat left about 9:15 am and then Mike and Terri left about 12 pm. They are all headed for the same little RV park (behind a hotel) in Matehuala, which is about a 4 hour drive north of here. It should be an easy commute for all as it is a four lane, toll highway about 40 minutes after you leave San Miguel. Adios mis amigos!! We will miss you all. You have made a wonderful time away, even better, with your friendship!! Safe travels, wherever you go, we will see you again!!  

 Pretty tight squeeze - good thing she is an expert!!

 Of course, there is ALWAYS just 1 car in the way!!

 Waiting for her travelling partner, Mary-Pat
 ...and here she comes!!

 See, another expert driver - it is a pretty tight squeeze!!

...and they are off!!!
Then, without much further ado, Mike and Terri were on their way. Not sure when we will see everyone again, but we will!!

...and they are gone too!!
What's up for us today? Well, nothing. We are going to go to the bus station and hopefully catch the bus that will go to Guanajuato for a tour tomorrow. That means that we will not leave here to head back to Valle de Juarez until Thursday.

Wish us luck tomorrow!! Lots of pictures, pretty sure!!

Cheers friends!!


  1. Wish we were there in the sunshine with you. Have fun in Guanajuato, it's a beautiful city.


    1. I am pretty sure it is just a touch warmer here than where you are, although your pictures are gorgeous!!

  2. It was sad to leave you and Doug - and SMdA. Next year!!!!