Thursday, 25 April 2013

VdJ (Day 58): Aventura Park and a chair

Word of the Day: La silla (La see-ya)

Funny story for you. About a month and a half ago, there was a gentleman at one of the nearby corners selling traditional Mexican tables and chairs. You know the ones that you see in the Mexican restaurants all the time. So cool. Well, I got this bright idea, after seeing one of the "little kid chairs", that Gus HAD to have one. Of course, he even did monogramming on them....PERFECT!!! I could hardly wait to see it. "One week" he promised....Well, a month and a half later we find him AND the chair:
 Anyone out there notice something wrong with this chair????? Like the fact that MY name AND Cinderella are carved in it? He had asked me to write down the baby's name that I wanted on the chair. I told him it was for my grandson, GUS, and I wrote it just like that, in big letters. Naturally, way at the bottom, I left him my name and that I was staying at Hacienda Contreras, just down the road. Now, if it had just been me there initially dealing with him I may have been worried, but I had my trusty side-kick, Mary-Pat, who is fluent in Spanish was also there to ensure that I did communicate properly and he understood. What a funny thing. We all laughed so hard when we thought about it. We wondered also, why if he knew I was at Hacienda Contreras, he didn't deliver it down there, like he promised!!Here's me trying to get over the shock of it.....
The gentleman sitting down doesn't seem concerned, in the least!! Danna came up with the bright idea to just take one of the other chairs and be done with it since his monogramming isn't all that accurate....Guess he will have to look for a little girl, named Nancy, to sell the other chair to!!
So, little buddy of mine, don't worry, this is the one you got:
 First, just one of the kitties was interested in it, but then:

the other two decided to join him...
Now, I have the 3 Musketeers (mouseketeers...) protecting it for you!!
Oh brother......
Well, after we got past that corner, we headed about 1/2 hour away to Aventura Park. We went here a month or so ago. Was nice to take some pictures by the waterfalls.

Bob and Danna...


Mr. Photographer Extraordinaire!!
After that, we headed into town for a few groceries, fresh chicken and then back "home". We enjoyed cocktails on Bob and Danna's patio. The kitties are always entertaining!! (Guess they got bored with protecting that chair...). In the few days she has been here, Danna has named all the kittens!!
 Butterscotch and Bandit

(shortened version of an Italian word for face powder because he is a dusty colour)


Little Miss
Doug is trying to teach Little Miss that us peoples are okay!!
She is the sole survivor from the Siamese mommy's litter of 5....
Bob made a lovely dinner of Chicken Piccata which is our personal favourite that he and Danna always find time to make for us!! You guys are the best!! Can you stay on??? Hey, we forgot to drink that special pink wine you brought!! Tomorrow, I guess!!
Well, day is done. Tea is done and I am done!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Oh, yes, Nancy. I was there and you DID want the name "GUS" on the little chair. A month late and the wrong inscription! Not bad!
    Maybe Vincent will show up one of these days with my RV bookshelves!!!
    I am glad you finally found the man - and the chair. I know Gus will love it - and the story too!

  2. I forgot to mention that I love the kitty names - so appropriate. Glad you're having fun with your friends - hugs to you all.