Sunday, 31 March 2013

VdJ (Day 42): Nothing to report!

Word of the Day: Mucho gusto (moocho goosto)
                            Pleasure to meet you 

Yup, stayed home all day!! There are 7 sets of people leaving tomorrow! It was a pleasure to meet all of them. Some we will remember their names, others, we may not. We will remember their faces though!! Happy and safe travels to all!! Mucho gusto...It was our pleasure to meet you!!

Barb & Sal had a nice big get together up in the "entertainment room" tonight. Lots leaving so was nice to say adios to all...

Doug, the lime squeezer, hard at work!!
We came back to the trailer (I know, you can hardly contain yourselves at this point....) and fed the kitties some milk, barbecued for us and Kevin and Ruth......
...these are some of the kitties
...this is Doug barbecuing in the dark (sort of...)
Doug, Kevin, Ruth & I....
Spent a great evening with our friends, Kevin and Ruth Sad to see them go. They are heading off to Saskatchewan and a season of camp hosting in Sturgeon Lake Regional Park. It is about 42 kms north of Prince Albert, SK. We just know they will be great camp hosts. (Everyone, I think we should all show up at the SAME TIME!!) Watch their blog for their adventures northbound and some of "those things" that are on their bucket list!! Pretty exciting!! We are sorry to end our "season" of visiting with them so soon but will look forward to (...we hope) seeing them this summer and certainly we will see them here next winter!!
Everyone - time to tuck in after all those Easter treats!!
Cheers friends!!

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