Thursday, 21 March 2013

VdJ (Day 35): Parade & Castle

Word of the Day: Desfile (des-fee-lay)
                            Parade or procession

And what a parade it was!! First we gathered at the main square where it seems that children from everywhere had arrived. All grouped in an orderly fashion with their schools.

First ones to start, of course, were the little cute!! Notice them sitting in the back of the truck? Can you imagine that happening at home??
Little water drops...
"Most" of them seem to head in the right direction!!
All those little princesses and only 2 little princes!!
This little guy brought his own horse!
Hey Superman...quit staring at my horse!!!
Next parade, get your own horse!!
Lobster man kept losing the ribbon he was supposed to be hanging onto!!
There are many schools who participate from around the area.
This school is from Buenavista. Some of these kids are a little older...
This young gent's school group was showing what
accomplishments they had in reading...
Then along came, what I can only assume, is the
princesses (or maybe "prom" queen contestants...)
Another pretty young lady - hey, is that Chema at his
restaurant, looking down on the parade?! 
...and always bringing up "the rear", so to speak, are the horses and riders... 
As with most of these gatherings in these small towns, it seems that everyone meets back at the square. I really enjoy seeing that! Lots of children and parents and friends milling about. I am sure that the kids enjoy not being in school....
The adorable "recycling princess"
...and our equally adorable new friends,
Paula & Jerry from Nova Scotia (well, at least Paula is...)
and Mary-Pat, from California - she's pretty cute too!!
And, without further ado - the reason most of the women are waiting in the square:
Now, THAT is, of course!! 
I loved it when they all backed up against the curb, like they were parking cars!
Anyway, it was a great morning, standing in the sun, watching all the kids!!! After this we went back to camp, regrouped and we took Diane up the back roads to the castle up on the hill. I posted about this spot in February. It is, essentially, used as an event centre. Weddings, meetings, etc. Pretty fantastic spot!!
Nice, peaceful, country road...looking back towards Hacienda Contreras... 
The grounds never cease to amaze....
Looking towards the front of the property...
The gardens are really outstanding....
Foot picture - had to happen!!
Doug likes this swing - Sal, he thinks we need one at H.C.
It could be the happy hour swing - people would be lining up
early to get their spot on it!!
Just need our drinks.....
Bottom of the property....
Heading back.....
This afternoon we had another long-time Mexico RV'er show up, Tioga George. Super neat to meet him. He is one of the pioneers of Mexico travel. Our south travelling friends, Al & Colleen,, wanted us to especially say hi to him as they have followed his blog for a long time! So, Tioga George, hello to you from the Unrua's!! 
Kevin and Ruth, were excited to meet him as well. They have followed his travels for a long time....such a following you have, George!!
Kevin and Ruth with George & Ms Tioga....
Even us, "newbies" Mexico travellers!!
We went into town this evening for a nice dinner in the square. Hope Diane enjoyed it too!! 
A peek inside the restaurant...
Love the square in the evening....
Wow - such a day. Parades, castles, travellers, dinner out. Makes me tired just writing about it all!!  Remember what I keep saying...if you come here to Hacienda Contreras, you can do these things too!!
Tea is long over and everyone else here, is asleep. Sorry I am a bit late. Sometimes, I just can't get things done as fast as I would like!! Tomorrow we are off to breakfast at La Cocinita in town. Sounds like a few of us are going. Hope they are ready!! We also want to walk along the malecon with Diane after breakfast. This will be her last day here. On Saturday, we head into Guadalajara, on the bus, for a tour and a stay in the Hotel Frances. That will be fun too!! Then, she is back home to Alberta and the.....s-n-o-w!!!
See you all then!
Cheers friends!!


  1. So glad we got to meet Diane, have a good and safe trip home and maybe the snow will disappear and spring will happen; and very sorry we couldn't meet Tioga George, maybe somewhere else in this great country!

  2. Looks like a great day! You could have zoomed in a little on that "horse" in the square for all the ladies ya know!! :)

  3. I have a closeup of the "horse" Bobbi Jo...but it'll cost ya! :o)