Tuesday, 19 March 2013

VdJ (Day 33): Concepcion de Buenos Aires

Word/Phrase of the Day: Muy limpio (moo-ee lim-pee-oh)
                                        Very clean

Love this little town. Very clean (...again, like all the rest in this area). It takes about 1 hour from Valle de Juarez to C.B.A. We like the drive, rolling hills, nice pastures.

It is the town's fiesta. Lots of vendors, even a few that we know from here. Ishmail (shoe guy) and Martin (veggie man, gave us 3 beautiful apples for free-thanks, mi amigo!!) I will try and show you a little bit of everything that was there:

Everywhere, there is candy - no wonder I can't lose weight!! 
All kinds of dried nuts, etc.
Many types of dried peppers. The tarp overhead really took away
all the colours, but they were pretty neat - and hot!!
Deep fried tostados, etc.
SO much detail on these little dresses....
(and on the Tony the Tiger outfit, hanging to the left too!!)
Beautiful cantaros. Traditionally put on the counters or
tables and filled with drinking water. One communal cup on the top.
Bringing home the one on the back right, turquoise flowers....
Pottery of every style. Everything you can think of
and even some things that you can't!!
Plastic toys, also of every shape and colour!! 
We even ran into a pack of ponies!!
Even something for your favourite princess
Stoves - Brandon & Deanna - You got yours just a bit too soon!!
Fire in the bottom, element on the top part!!
Spectacular eucalyptus tree......
Right beside the restaurant we were heading for!!
We walked around the stalls for hours. We really enjoyed it. There were hundreds of vendors, many selling the same things. One has to wonder how they all make a living. I wish we could buy something from each and every one of them. We had spotted this restaurant on the way through. Doug noticed that it had a nice looking courtyard. Those are our favourite kinds of places, the ones with little hidden courtyards inside. We are already planning on taking our friends, Bob and Danna, here when they come to visit in April. We know they will like it as much as we did. Take a look:
Outdoor kitchen...
A plant in EVERY corner - love it!!
Pete and Madeleine from Ontario. Still in love after nearly 50 years!!
They are amazing and an inspiration!! Look forward to seeing them next year!!
Oh, Pete will have a couple of new hips by then!! 
Renata, one of two, solo, lady travellers here at the park!!
She is an inspiration too!!
 ...and you know these two travellers!!
Well, that was a really nice day. We really like that town too. Blog is up early. Sorry no tea yet, BUT we are into the 2nd margarita!! Guess we will need to walk around the park a few times!! Almost everyone from the park went to the fiesta.
Cheers friends!!


  1. Nancy, I just love seeing the places from your point of view. You are an inspiration for all who read your blog. And Doug looks cute in his hat!

    1. Imagine, we never would have found these places if it was not for Hacienda Contreras!! We must thank YOU and Sal for such a wonderful "home away from home"!

  2. Happy first day of Spring, Nancy! You made it! Not that the end of Winter matters any more.... Always think of you on the first day of Spring. Thanks for the blogs - keep up the enjoyment!

  3. I'm showing up as unknown! It's me....Lexi!

  4. Reserve a table now, we can't wait! Loved all the pictures especially the one of our favorite couple, you look so happy!
    Danna and Bob