Tuesday, 12 March 2013

VdJ (Day 26): Haircut

Word(s) of the Day: Mucho gusto! (Pleased to meet you!)
                                  Sounds like: moocho-goosto!

I know, just little words or phrases...that might be fun, huh? Anyway, we drove into town. I wanted to get a haircut and was looking for a few little kid books to help with simple words with our Spanish....

We stopped by Abarrotes Nora which Doug calls the Wal-Mart of Valle de Juarez. She has a little something of everything there. She thought it was a funny name when he told her that. I spied a few little work book style books on the shelf. They are for primary kids and produced by the Governor of Jalisco State. I wanted to buy them but she would not let me. She wanted to give them to me. No matter how hard I negotiated with her. she wouldn't take any money. It was so kind of her. I am pretty excited about them. I just hope I don't meet any little kids on the street who already have them memorized!!

After that it was haircut time!! Tontaliz Contreras Contreras (yes, same two names - different families) She spent 5 years living in California but that was 10 years ago. She saw the light and came back to Valle de Juarez and runs a super neat little shop. Doug passed the time with Venus, her little dog....

Yup, pretty short, but it will keep it out of my way for awhile!!
Price: $50 ps, well I gave her $70 ps with the tip - less than $8!!
Our favourite taqueria lunch spot - by the Pemex!!
See the yellow thing in the mid-top of the picture? That is a pineapple, that stays warm. That way you can have a "taco regular con pina y con queso".....Regular taco with pineapple and cheese. The meat is roasting below it. A bit like the meat they use for a donair.....
6 tacos, 2 drinks for under $7 - amazing!!
The road between the RV park and the town has gotten pretty beat up lately. It was nice to see them finally getting to our section for cold-packing. Not sure how long it will last but something is better than nothing!! 
Much better than before!!
Up in the recreation room, there are loads of games, tables, ping pong table and puzzles. We have a few avid puzzlers here. Mike and Kathy, this picture is for you. Colleen and Barb got your puzzle done today!!
...and remember that stupid piece that I looked for for 45 minutes the other day, they found it. There it is, in all it's freakin' glory, right above the yellow "u" mark. See, I told you, 3 outies and 1 innie and one of the outies has a dark mark - JUST as I described!!!! 
Yes, I AM a sore looser as a matter of fact!!
Now Colleen is onto another one. Shhhh...don't tell her that
she HAS to finish it before she leaves on Saturday!! 
Repotted a new plant beside our trailer for Barb.
Now the pressure is on us to keep it alive!!!
Doug tries to figure out how to install a temporary awning for Mary-Pat with our tarp.
We were stymied today because our rope wasn't right. Wait til tomorrow!!
So, one day here just rolls into another and I guess that's good. Nice and relaxing. Sunshine and warm wind to soothe your back - pretty nice!!
Movie night in our trailer and tea is up! Thanks for following along on this "not to exciting" day of ours!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. "Price: $50 ps, well I gave her $70 ps with the tip - less than $8!!"

    Way less than $8...closer to $6...

  2. Well, you gotta enjoy life somewhere. Taking it easy and relaxing is a good life too, and you may as well do it here, besides we love having you guys here!!!!