Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lo de Marcos to Valle de Juarez

Travel days....they suck. Mostly because we have to set the alarm. I know, pretty sad, huh? Especially when you want to leave by 8 am. Oh well, that's just us. No use trying to change now!!

Now, some of you may remember that when we headed out to the coast last week, we took the old Hwy 601. Super, super twisty. Doug said it was the WORST road he had ever driven. He has only just recovered!! That route from Valle de Juarez to Bucerias, took us nearly 9 hours! Well, today, we were about 1 hour north of Bucerias in Lo de Marcos when we started. We took the "regular" route, via Compestella, and the Mex 15D toll highway. Well now, wasn't that about 3 hours shorter a trip on the way home. Still, we are glad that we did the old, tougher route. Really glad because we can now tell people NOT to take it!! Adventures abound in this life we are leading!!

You know travel days, not great for photos but here are a few:

Pretty nice. It climbs you up, pretty fast into the interior. Through some amazing forests and then drops you down into fertile valleys and also very dry, desert-like valleys. I really like it. See, even the Garmin GPS system finds the road just a bit twisty!! Wow, we were going a whopping 67 kms/per hour in this one shot!!
That bright green crop is sugar cane....stands about 6-7 feet tall!
Bob & Danna - this is some of the scenery you will see
when we take you guys out to the coast!!
Cockpit pictures. Of course, Doug is driving!!
Just cruising through the very outer western edge of the Guadalajara area.
Pretty busy for sure!!
Some of the fertile berry fields, south of Lake Chapala. Ever wonder where
all those nice berries come from in the middle of winter in Canada?
This is the spot!! There are miles and miles of white plastic in this valley!!
L-O-V-E this vampire. He is at a corner that we have to turn at.
Advertising a drink, I think!! Count Dracula!! And he is life size too!!
One last big pass.... 
Super big happy hour. Lots of campers here.
That is our 5th wheel on the far right side where you just see the nose!!
Home sweet home!!
So that's the travel day. Pictures, as you know by now, are never great but at least they are something. Love this mountain area. We got back here about 2:45 pm, after leaving the coast at about 8:15 am. Not a bad travel day. Al & Colleen even had dinner for us so we didn't have anything to worry about. Yes, I admit, we skipped Spanish review (sorry Professora Contreras!!)
Now, since you have all been really good and not asked, here is a few pictures of our favourite little guy:
Good grief, he is gorgeous!!!
He is holding his head up quite well now. Although, this does
look a little like a mug shot.....still beautiful!!
Love you, little buddy!!
Anyway, we are "tea-upped" and now it's time to climb into that "huge" bed of ours! Tomorrow is the first of 3 dental appointments for my new crown. You know, I will keep you all well informed of how it goes!!
The beach was nice for a week but, we are glad to be back!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Gusito es mas guapo cada dia! Que bebe bonito.
    Ese bebida que tiene el vampiro, se llama, "Vampiro" y tiene mucho alcol. Los jovenes les gustan mucho. Ya tienes tu revista de espanol. Muchos abrazos a ustedes.

    1. Él es muy adorable, ¿no? Creo que lo voy a dejar que los jóvenes tienen que Vampiro beber! Me gusta la estatua! Trabajaremos duro en nuestro español. Abrazaba a usted, la Profesora Barbara!

  2. Nice to see a big crowd at happy hour. Gonna have to spread out and make room for two more soon!