Thursday, 7 March 2013

VdJ (Day 22): Dentist

Jeepers, I don't even have any pictures. I will go through the "archives" and find something to entertain everyone!

Today, I had my 2nd appointment for my crown. I know I mentioned the other day that it would be my first but they actually did the impressions last time, so this was the 2nd appointment. Dr. Lissett Gomez Chavez. Very lovely lady and very, very soft touch. We had no problems at all. It is never fun to have your tooth drilled for 40 minutes but, hey, that's what happens when you need a crown. Next Thursday the 14th, I go for the final fitting. Pretty happy about that. I have felt the caved in side of my tooth since Christmas so it's so nice to feel it's smooth and proper!

Tomorrow, we are having a fieldtrip to Concepcion de Buenos Aires. It is a small town about 30 minutes away. Sounds like quite a crowd are going. Get your seatbelts on everyone! Does everyone have their permission slips handed in???!! I will let you know what's up with that trip. Always fun when you bring the camera along and a sense of humour!!

So, nice photos, as promised:

Our beautiful daughter, Teagan with her awesome hubby, Shawn.
We love you guys!! Stay warm!!
Some little rebels need no introduction!!
Our amazing son, Josh and his beautiful wife Kathy with, none other than, Gus!!!
Almost worth not having any other pictures to show you, just so I could "show off" my wonderful family!! I know....bragging rights!!
Tea is up and so is a movie. See you all tomorrow!!
Cheers friends!!

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