Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lo de Marcos (Day 4)

It is so interesting walking on the beach at this time of the year. The sand is constantly changing. This beach has been quite steep and rocky. Winter beach. Even in the past 2 days, it has changed. We met a gentleman who told us that by next week the far end (where we walked to the rocks last year) would be completely different and you would be able to walk to it once again. Wish we could see it. Last year, it was one huge soft sandy beach.

Last year, there was NO ridge here!!

I can hear the beach vendor. He and his family walk up and down the beach (there are only the 3 of them). He blows on a conch shell about every minute or so to announce his arrival. Sadly, we couldn't think of anything to buy from them but we certainly appreciated their efforts and smiled and said "no gracias" each time to them.

We also took some time to set up our "bathroom" tent. We bought this tent specifically for bathroom usage (i.e. shower and toilet) It's our addition to the van. We have never used it but now at least we have set it up a second time. (The first time was in Josh's old room at the townhouse, but don't tell him!!). We will certainly be using it in the future. We also have a small child's pool for when we shower so we do not incorrectly dispose of bath water. Besides, it's perfect for you know who!!!!

We have enjoyed our stay here but are ready to get back "home" to Valle de Juarez. We will go out to a little beach restaurant here (our first meal out here for those who keep track!!) tonight and then watch one more glorious sunset. Van is mostly packed up. We are ready to roll!!

Gus, this is the restaurant with the sand floor that Grandma told you about!!
Did you know that, sometimes, when the sun just goes below the horizon, for a split
second there is a green flash. I would never have believed it but I saw it yesterday! I
couldn't get a picture of it and tonight, we couldn't see it. Pretty amazing!! 

See you all tomorrow night from the mountains!

Tea is ready!!

Cheers friends!!

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