Monday, 11 March 2013

VdJ (Day 25): Nada

Word of the Day: Nada (Nothing)

Al & Colleen needed to get an oil change and brake check done on their motorhome this morning so we followed them into the repair shop in town. They will be heading out on Friday for the coast so wanted to get everything in tip-top shape. Nice little shop. Guess soon Doug wants to have Euri's oil changed as well and we will have some kind of a clean-up done on the undercarriage to remove some of the salt from the ocean visit.

Then, we went out for a nice breakfast at La Cocinita. A cute little spot just a few kms away from the park. We were at this restaurant last year with Kevin, Ruth, Sal & Barb. Very authentic Mexican desayuno (breakfast).

This lady was making fresh tortillas. That pot in the front is a pot of cafe de olla. The coffee is first boiled, then strained and then a little brown sugar and cinnamon are added-delicioso!! Even though we normally drink our coffee black, without sugar, we love it!!
Also, that is a real wood fire burning under that stove!! 
This is getting "fresh" squeezed orange juice!!
Super cute little spot!!
The owner, Susannah, doesn't speak any English and she is always apologizing. It is us who need to apologize for not speaking enough Spanish, still!! 
I would like to say that we got lots more accomplished but.....nope we did not!! It is Spanish class today and we both did all our homework and then some!!  Funny, the longer you are down here you really do see how very important it is to have your language skills polished up. It is alway inspiring and it continues to make us want to do better. Doug actually does pretty good in many situations. Me, I am still not so good, but getting a bit better each week. Especially with "hearing" the numbers. They really baffle me for the most part!! Keep on trying is all we can do!! We are grateful for the Spanish lessons that Barb gives us twice weekly!!

Great camfire tonight and now we are done for the night!! Take care everyone!!

Cheers friends!!

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