Thursday, 28 March 2013

VdJ (Day 39): Last supper and a Birthday tomorrow!

Word of the day: hijo (ee-ho)

Friday March 29th (tomorrow) is our son, Josh's birthday. He turns 28 years old. It is hard to believe that time can go by so fast. Never do you realize this until you have children and watch them grow up. We are missing him and wishing we were there for his birthday celebration, cake and a shot of tequila. Sorry, buddy!! We wish you the most wonderful day (even though you have to work). You now have a son of your own to help with the celebration!! You will marvel at watching him grow and change, just like we did with you. We love you so much (...oh, I know...Mom, don't embarrass me on the blog - too bad!!) We are SO proud of you, of the man you are and the things you have accomplished!! So, from far away in Valle de Juarez, Jalisco, MX, your Dad and I send you ALL our love for your special day!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, our son and our friend!!! 

Josh, this is where we would take you for your birthday lunch - you would LOVE it!!
You just sit on the benches and watch your tacos come up!!
This is Mulmaro. He is the chef "extraordinaire" at Taquiera GM where we
always have our tacos, right by the Pemex on the way into town. They are,
without a doubt, the best tacos in the universe, as someone once told us!!
He wishes Josh a Happy Birthday too!!
Today, in town, is the re-enactment of Jesus' Last Supper. We went in with some of our friends from the park. Several people are leaving tomorrow. We will miss them and hope for safe journeys back to home, where ever that is for each of them. We can say that we have enjoyed the company of each and everyone of these fun people!! We are going to gather at Portal de Angel in town for our own last supper with them tonight. Enchilladas for me!!

Sal, Madeleine, Paula, Jerry Pete, Barb, me, Doug
Pete and Madeleine
Paula and Jerry
Sal and Barb
After dinner, we all gathered outside the church and waited for Jesus to arrive!! Finally, after HIS last supper, he came out and we watched the going on for a bit.
Almost looks like a girls night out!! Paula, Barb, Madeleine & me
Okay, boys get a night out too!! Sal, Pete, Jerry & Doug
That's it. After a bit we headed back to the park. We are sorry to see anyone leave, but leave they must. It has been our utmost pleasure to meet Pete and Madeleine from Hamilton ON. and Paula and Jerry from Kingston Nova Scotia. We feel like we have known all of you for a long time. Being here does that to a person. Just feels like home, doesn't it?
Safe travels our friends. We will look forward to hearing from you all when you are safe and sound, back at home and in the arms of your loved ones and friends!!
Remember - take care of each other...
Cheers everyone!!

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