Wednesday, 13 March 2013

VdJ (Day 27): Town Night

Word of the Day: Feliz Cumpleanos! (Happy Birthday!)

Well, tomorrow it will be. It is Diane Johnston's birthday (we will not tell you how young she is, better brownie points for us!!) Diane is Doug's sister. She also just happens to be coming here to beautiful Valle de Juarez on FRIDAY this week!! We are very excited to be picking her up at the airport in Guadalajara on Friday afternoon!! Anyway, a very happy birthday to you, Diane. Hope your day, tomorrow, is great!! 

We decided to take Al & Colleen (our travelling partners) out for dinner tonight. They are (....sniff, sniff) leaving us on Saturday for Melaque and their eventual northbound tracking up the coast. First though, we took a small stroll on the malecon:
Then we up the road to Sal's cousin, Chema's, restaurant, El Retiro. Remember when we bought the carnitas on Saturday (I did not have my camera), it is the shredded pork? Well, he has a really nice restaurant too.
Window seat, anyone??
Such a nice little spot. We were sitting upstairs...
Thanks, Chema, for the wonderful dinner!!
One thing that we have not done enough is come into town in the evenings. Now, we know we do not drive in Mexico at night, but we are only 2.4 kms from town on a well-travelled road so there is no concern. We will definitely be making more trips into town in the evenings. So they still have one paleta store (ice cream bars, etc.) open in the square!! Who knew!!
That was our Wednesday, used to be known as hump day. We were always glad to get it over with. Now, it isn't quite the same!!
Tea is on and that is it for us! Tomorrow I get my permanent crown put in. Pretty happy about that. I am sure I will be pretty happy about the price too!!
Cheers friends!!

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