Saturday, 16 March 2013

VdJ (Day 30): Tianguis & Birthday Wishes

Well, one Telcel stick later and we are in business!! And, just in time to wish our niece-in-law, Deanna Woodland Bucholtz a VERY Happy 30th Birthday!! We took her sign to the market today. Well, we had to be a bit inventive!! First, we tried the watermelons at Martin's veggie stand and then we had, Ishmail, the shoe man hold the sign with me. (Remember, he is the one who has a sister also called Nancy....) Anyway, we couldn't decide which picture we liked the best, so we will use them both!!

Hope you have a GREAT birthday, Deanna!!

This morning, Al & Colleen left (sniff, sniff) for the coast. They are headed for Melaque. Any authorities looking for them....that is where you can find them!! No one gets out of this park without a B-I-G farewell gathering!!
Bye bye, friends - travel safe...see you back in Canada in the summer!!
New kitties!!! There are 4 of them and they are just getting to the point where they wander around. Barb says check under your car BEFORE you move it!!
Everybody loves their coffee!!

Then, it was off to market. We already talked about "the birthday sign" above. We love the market and it was especially fun to share it with someone new!!
Martin (in white with his Coke) and his veggies...gave me free carrots today!!
Then we noticed a commotion in front of the church. It was a "coming-out" celebration for a lovely 15 year old girl. It is called a quincenera. It is quite the party for these young ladies!!
I love this town!! You HAVE to come here, everyone...well not all at once!!
We then stopped at Chema's (Sal's cousin) carnita stand. Remember the place where we took Al & Colleen for dinner last week? Chema has this carnita stand outside on Saturday's. Super nice pork, "light" available for the Norte Americanos!!
Thanks, Chema!!
Sister-in-law buddy and me.....
After we got home, we decided to go into Mazamitla to load our Telcel stick. We did a little mini-tour. We have been here but we want to show Diane around. We will come back after the weekend. But, still, I had to take some pictures, right??
One of the best churches we have seen!!
Off to the Saturday night gig!!
Nice little garden store...
Oh nice!!
...and it's all natural too!! Nice name, huh?
Well, that's our day. Come and gone, once again. We hope Diane has enjoyed her first full day of Mexico living. Barb did a nice note to welcome Diane....
Just one more thing.....thanks to Kevin & Ruth (our neighbours here and our travelling gurus!!) We have discovered this really, really good and inexpensive wine. 1 litre for $37.50 ps. (about $3.50 Cdn). Yup, it's pretty darn good - can't get this in Canada that's for sure!! Thanks Kevin & Ruth!!
Bob and Danna - this wine will be good for us to consume,
in vast quantites, when you come down here in a month!!!
Time to make dinner. They had games night tonight up in the common room but we haven't even had dinner yet. Late as always!! (...sorry Barb).
Won't even say it's time for tea because there may be more wine drank tonight in Casa Beglaw.....oh well!!
Cheers friends!!

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