Monday, 18 March 2013

VdJ (Day 32): Mazamitla Tianguis

Word/Phrase of the day:  Lo siento (I'm sorry) Sounds like: Low-see-ento
                                          ...and I am, as I forgot the word of the day for the last few days!!

Last night, we had a good visit with Josh, Kathy and Gus on Skype. It was pretty funny because, at first, they had him sitting up on the couch like a "big" person. He was pretty animated for the first little bit anyway. I felt like I could just reach through the screen, pick him up and pull him through to me. If only.......

Miss you, little buddy....
Today we went up to Mazamitla for a look at their tianguis (market). Funny, there are many of the same vendors there as at Valle de Juarez. Busy group of folks for sure! We took Diane (...of course!) and Renata, one of our new campers. Diane had been up there briefly the other day but Renata has not been. Really nice to walk around. First we saw some little ducks and chicks. Some were all dyed up for Easter!!

Diane, Doug & Renata
Clothing section....and lots of it!!
Watermelon section....and lots of it too!!
Renata finds the veggie section too!!
After tianguis shopping, it was off to the centro to wander the shops and have a little lunch at the "food court". Very busy today as it was a civic holiday in Mexico. Everyone was out enjoying themselves...
Our new friend!!
Mexican lunch!!
Had a great time in Mazamitla. Sure is like a little Bavarian town. These last two pictures were taken by Colleen a few days before they left. Thought I would share them with you all!!
Our home away from home...
That's us!!
Now we are tucked in, just about to start a movie with our tea. Thanks for checking in with us.  Tomorrow we are all headed back up to Concepcion de Buenos Aires. They are just wrapping up their town festival and they have a display of amazing pineapple pottery. Stay tuned!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. Finally we see Little Gus! He is sooooo cute!

    Can't wait to see you guys!