Monday, 25 March 2013

Guadalajara to Valle de Juarez

Word of the Day: Surtido (soor-tee-do)

Firstly, a very Happy Birthday tomorrow, March 26th to our nephew, Justin Tamas!! Straight to you from downtown Guadalajara and the Hotel Frances, built in 1610. (Just slightly older than you!!)We hope you have a great day on Tuesday!! 

Well, we had a great time in Guadalajara. We saw a real assortment of people and things!! We are sure that Diane enjoyed her wrap-up to her Mexico adventure! We certainly enjoyed having her. Right now, she should be winging her way back to Calgary. Hope that there is NO snow!!

We headed off to the same little cafe on the corner from the hotel where we had breakfast the day before. Great spot to watch the Plaza Liberacion for sure. Because it is right next to the Palacio Gobierno, there seem to be a lot of "suits" around today. Not to mention lots of guards. Not sure if someone "important" is in town (other than us!!) or if this is just normal protocol for a work day. Oh well.....

Did a small walk around the area while waiting for time to check out and get the cab to the airport.

It would appear that we stumbled onto the money exchange block, about 2 blocks from our hotel. Business after business of money exchanges, gold & silver spots, etc.
Apparently, the top floor of this beautiful building is a hostel. Looks pretty impressive!!
In the last few days, I have noticed a high number of fabric stores. Seems that lots of ladies from Mexico are seamstresses. I was surprised to find a few, right in the downtown core. Teagan and Danna, these pictures are for you, two of my favourite "sewers"
Oh, that's $14.99 ps per metre too! (about $1.28 Cdn)
Gorgeous fabrics everywhere!! Dig out that sewing machine!!
We made a dash to the airport. Love the "zone" system. Knowing you aren't paying too much for a cab ride is really nice. Maybe our cities, like Vancouver, could take a lesson here!! Lucky we got there early too. Diane's afternoon flight was already running 1.5 hours behind. This meant that she would have missed her connecting flight in Phoenix to Calgary. Fortunately, the ticket agent saw this and put her on an earlier flight out of Guadalajara to Phoenix. She will have a longer lay-over in Phoenix but she will make that connecting flight just fine. Then for us, it was back up to the north side of town to the bus terminal so we could get our Mazamitla bus back to "home".  Nice driver even took our picture!! (I know, crazy tourists....)
Pretty nice, new Volvo bus....
Looking comfy and ready to get back to Hacienda Contreras...
All in all, we really liked Guadalajara. We are really looking forward to staying there again in May, when Bob and Danna are in town, we will just duplicate everything. Maybe I won't even post......(kidding!!).
Definitely ready for tea and a movie. Hope we can stay awake for all of it!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. Looks like a really nice bus! We used to take the 3rd class ones to the beach on the weekends because we were broke students, we would travel at night so we wouldn't have to see the windy roads because they would pass on the corners! We always said the motto of the one we took was "better dead than late"! Not sure if it actually was or not! ;)