Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bucerias to Lo de Marcos

This is the kind of travel day we like - about 1 hour!! We were a bit sad to leave Marco's Place. Such a quaint, clean, nice little hotel.....about 1 block from the beach. Don't forget the pool too!!

So long Marco's Place - we will be back!

I like Bucerias well enough, but I (and this opinion is not necessarily shared by both parties) am finding that the allure of the beach town is not what is used to be. Oh, I like the beach and all, I just don't like what comes with it. So many people, agressive market vendors and over-priced restaurants. Oh well, still pretty. I do like Lo de Marcos better as it is very laid back and small. I saw only one beach vendor on our short beach walk and he didn't even come over to see if we were interested in his wares. Maybe his work clock had expired!!

Still pretty beach and not really too many people!!
Sorry, no pictures of the van camped up tonight. I will do those tomorrow. I am racing a bit of a clock here as the internet on the tablet is good but for some reason we had a terrible time getting the internet to connect with the laptop. It works now so, it's a good thing that I don't have too many photos to show you!!
Funny to be in this same park. There is only one other spot empty. Last year, we were here in the beginning of May and we were the only campers here. Nice to have a bit of company and luckily this park is only 8 spots big!! Will be interesting to walk in town tomorrow to get a sense of how many visitors are here.
Tea is on and we will enjoy listening to the waves. We couldn't hear them in Bucerias. We were too far away and there is too many sounds of the city drowning them out!!
Goodnight everyone!
Cheers friends!!

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