Wednesday, 20 March 2013

VdJ (Day 34): Tacos

Word of the Day: Abuelo - Grandpa  (Sounds like: Ab-way-low)         
                            Abuela - Grandma (Sounds like: Ab-way-la)
Just did those in case our little buddy, Gus, is reading under the covers with his little flashlight....

Would you be surprized if I told you we didn't do much today? Hanging out. Tried to build an awning for Mary-Pat. Things were going quite alright until a big wind came up and ripped the tarp out of our hands and made us realize that it would NOT work afterall......oh well, at least we tried!!

It was a good plan...on paper anyway!!
Well, that worked up an appetite so we headed over to our favourite taco place (Mike & Kathy B., you know what I am going to say.....) Taquiera GM, right by the Premex. Yes, we do take Diane out to the fancy places!! Lunch for 3 with 2 beers and 7 tacos, $120 ps ($10 Cdn). Yup, not bad, huh? I guess we have been coming to this spot enough because the chef, always, hands me an extra slice of warm pineapple....again, can't beat that!! 
All that's left of the meat for the day. More alarming is
that is all that is left of the warm pineapple!!
See that calendar on the wall, now there is a Canadian flag on it!!l
LOVE that chopping block!!
Just got back from the campfire. Tea is done. We are also done for the day! Tomorrow we have to SET THE ALARM......There is a parade in town at 9 am for all the little kids for a spring celebration. Watch out for those pictures, should be pretty cute!! Peep, peep!!
Cheers friends!!                           

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  1. Sounds like a great day, never had much luck with hanging tarps either.