Friday, 22 March 2013

VdJ (Day 36): Breakfast & Good-Bye

Word of the Day:  Hasta luego (asta-lou-way-go)
                             Good-bye, cheerio, see you later

Well, that's what all the campers here were doing today with Diane. She has become quite the celebrity!! Everyone is sad to see her leave so soon!!

First, the day started out with a nice breakfast at La Cocinita. We love this place. Susannah, the proprietor, is so accommodating.

Doug asked Susannah about the tequila barrel on the counter. He asked if it was good. She said that it was BUT it wasn't THE one that she preferred and she reached under the counter and brought out a shot of mezcal for each of us!!


After a great breakfast we took a walk along the malecon. The town has done a really nice job of this walkway. We also went on the walkway over the dam.

Just before we went home, we went for a short drive - cows on the road!!
Sign says something about the rod not being suitable for high speeds!!

After we got home, we lounged around, watched the arrival of 6, yes 6, new campers. What a great day for Hacienda Contreras!! We were slightly disappointed later. Rueben (a.k.a. Jesus Christ in the town parade pageant - and the owner of that lovely black Friesen horse) was supposed to come here today to practise-ride Don Quioxe for the Palm Sunday parade in town. Well, it seems that Christ found another donkey, closer to town. He did, however, take one of the kittens home to live at his house. Guess that's a fair trade-off, huh?? I had such a great blog title for today too!! "Christ arrives at Hacienda Contreras". At least the kittie should be happy, however the ladies here were sad....

Happy hour was at our house. Seems everyone wanted to come and say good-bye, hasta luego, to Diane. She has made lots of new friends here. Everytime I looked for her, she was at someone's rig, visiting or saying good-bye. Pretty funny!! Hope she enjoyed her stay. We sure enjoyed having her here for a week.

Jerry, Doug, me, John and Diane
Diane, John & Anna
With Pete and Madeleine
Paula and Jerry
With Renata and Mary-Pat
Tomorrow morning, we get the bus out of Mazamitla, to Guadalajara. Should take about 3 hours and makes quite a few stops. Apparently, vendors get on the bus, hoping to sell their wares. Looking forward to seeing everyone. We are staying at the Hotel Frances. We are hoping to do a few bus tours and a bit of shopping, a few fancy drinks and a few nice dinners......yup. That'll cover it .

Tea is done and we are packed and ready for another adventure!!

Cheer friends!!

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  1. Diane has been such a lovely addition to life at Hacienda Contreras. It is sad to see her go! We hope your days in Guadalajara provide a wonderful ending to her Mexico adventure. Buen viaje, amigos! P & J