Saturday, 30 March 2013

VdJ (Day 41): Market & a bunny!

Word of the day: Comida (Ko-meeda)

We did all our market shopping today. Well, not just at the market but all over the town. We really enjoy it too!! First stop is always the veggie man, Martin and his huge stand. He really gets the primo area. I wonder if he grows everything on the tables or if he buys some of it from a wholesaler. At any rate, many people buy their veggies from him. When he saw us, he whacked (the only way to describe it) these huge hunks off a watermelon. We tried to eat them but decided to bring them home for later - they were really good!! He also gave us free onions today!!

I think his stand is a 1/4 block long!!
After that it was off to Chema's carnita stand (remember, the one that is outside and open on Saturdays). The rest of the week it is the regular restaurant inside.
Today, it was Chema's son who helped us out.
I wish the computer was a "scratch & sniff" model,
so you could all smell how wonderful this is!! Beautiful roast pork...
After the carnita pick-up it was back up the street to the carniceria (butcher shop) where we got pork steaks, ground sirloin for hamburgers, arrachera marinada (thin steak marinated...) Oh, at the market, we also picked up queso (cheese) and chorizo sausage....Yup, gonna be some good eats this week. Wanna come??
Remember we had the birthday party for Dona (sounds like donya) Raquel today at 7 pm. Wow, was it ever fun. We (Doug, Mary Pat and I) were made to feel just like extended members of the family. It was just amazing!! It was so fun to hear them all singing the traditional Mexican Happy Birthday song. Later we all sang the English version. She was so happy!!
Dona Raquel is surprised by her beautiful cake...
Big birthday kiss from Don Jose, her husband...
Isidro, Raquel, Juan Gomez and Socorro (3 of her 6 kids were there)
Isidro was pretty funny. He kept telling us he was Brad Pitt and
Juan was Morgan Freeman....
I guess it is tradition (at least in this family) that the birthday person has
to take a bite out of the cake before cutting it!! Grandson Chema (yes, another Chema!)
holds Grandpa's hands so he doesn't get into trouble!! 
Us, the three musketeers, with the hosts...
Maria Fernanda explains something to Mary Pat and Doug. Mary Pat has excellent
Spanish as she studied for 1.5 years in Guatemala...
My new little friend, Isabella. She is 5. We both were
given flowers off the cake to put in our hair...
This is Alyssia, who is Isabella's auntie. Alyssia is Juan Gomez's wife
and that makes her Dona Raquel's daughter-in-law....
(I know, try and keep up will ya!!)
Soon, the Nescafe came out, followed by a big stack of family pictures....
Mary-Pat asks Maria a question. Socorro is Maria's mom.
Interestingly enough, both Maria Fernanda and Socorro are both diabetics
and both have the insulin pump!
Before we knew it, it was time to leave. It seemed that everyone came outside to see Euri. Pretty funny. I think they maybe thought we were crazy for coming all the way from Canada in a vehicle this size!!
What a night. We can't even begin to describe how neat it was. Mary-Pat says it was the best day she has ever had in Mexico. We might just tend to agree with her!! Best part is that we get to go back to their house on Monday for lunch!!
Glad I got this posted, even though it is late. Even the Telcel stick is very slow. Must be lots of people on their phones tonight!!
Okay, okay.....just got a bunch of new Gus pictures. I will only share one with you all tonight. More later...
Happy Easter friends, from my beautiful grandson, to you all!!!
(Quite likely he will hate this picture when he is older....)
Cheers friends!! (....tea is long done!!)

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