Wednesday, 27 March 2013

VdJ (Day 38): An interview

Word of the day: Sustantivo (soos-tan-teevo)

...more on that later!!

First, just a few shots from last night's storm aftermath. Such a beautiful sunset and an almost full moon later!!

The grand fiesta tree, in all it's glory, with a beautiful moon behind it...
We have, over the past few months, developed quite a reputation at this park for being a tad on the lazy side. We just can't seem to rush up and out of bed to get going at.....something. Everyone seems to have "something" to do, but not us. Just lazy I guess!! But, we are okay with it!! While we eat our oatmeal and have our coffee, there are many people already up and at it. Walking, doing wash, gardening. We do keep track of everyone as they go by our window though, including the kitties up at the main house!!

 Always, one kitty wants to look the other way!!
Well, the kitty playground just happens to be on the way to the laundry room!!
Treated ourselves to tacos today. Last time we were in, we gave our favourite
taco stand folks a Canadian flag. We were happy to see it proudly displayed on the wall!!
Of course, had to make a trip all the way into town for paletas...I know,
we are pretty shameless, aren't we?? 
I know I have posted many, many pictures of this square and church.
It just never gets old for it!!
Beautiful church....
Doug spotted this private "sanctuary" area.
Notice how the stained glass window is absolutely glowing?
It was almost drawing us in....
The bell tower clock at the church is stuck on 11:45. It is right twice per day!! Doug has told me many times that if we ever win money, he is going to donate some to this church so they can have the clock fixed!! Wouldn't that be something cool?? After our time in the square, which is never long enough, we walked all over town. Way up the hill, taking pictures (me, not Doug) as we went!!
I love this little "corner store" - aborrotes...
Old areas, new areas. Always tidy and clean...
I love this house!! It's a bit hard to notice, but it is very hilly up here...
This home had two surprises for us....first:
This tiny kitten came out on a little wooden platform, meowing, as I was taking the picture...
and second, this sign. "Welcome to the house of the Grandparents"
Gorgeous bougainvilleas...
We were pretty much up as high as the town could go....
That is the lake!!
Now, here is where the story gets funny and, yes, eventually I will tie it all together so be patient!! As we continued our walk, we came past a house for sale that Doug likes. It just happens to have several turkeys (the eating kind) in the yard. I was having some fun, making a gobbling noise to them and they would in turn, make the real turkey noise back (theirs was much better than mine) As we turned to leave, a lovely little lady came out of her house from across the street and called something out. We just smiled and kept walking because neither of us could understand her nor did we know if she was actually talking to us in the first place. Home we went. A little while later, while we were visiting with Sal and Barb, a car pulls up at the main house and out gets two young girls, a Mom and some grandparents. They know Sal & Barb. The mom and girls are from Mexico City and are visiting the grandparents. The youngest girl, it turns out, has a school project to be completed over the Easter holidays that is interviewing an English speaking person. That's right, the SAME little grandmother had called out to us that her granddaughter wanted to interview us when we were up the hill!! Amazing!! Guess the little girl was too shy to come out and ask us herself but Abuela heard us talking!! So here they are and now Maria Fernanda has to interview Doug, with Mom and sister Carolina filming!! So much fun and such good practise for us. If our Spanish is EVER as good as Maria Fernanda's English is now, I will be very happy!! Her sister, Carolina spent last summer in Toronto at a college working on her English. She is very good too!!
That is Abuela and Abuelo sitting beside Maria Fernanda...
Sal helps Maria Fernanda out with a few missing words...
Such fun that was and such a good story, huh? Just as things were wrapping up and Maria was wanting to continue talking, the kitties decided this would be the opportune moment to steal the show back and decided to try and climb the palm tree:
Carolina, Senora and Maria Fernanda
come for a quick visit!!
Senora has invited Doug, I and Mary-Pat to her house for lunch on Monday at 2 pm with the girls, their Mom, Socorro, and the rest of their family When the young ladies were at our house, Mary-Pat was a big help in translating words we didn't know, which were many!! We can hardly wait!!
You see, you just never know what a day will bring!! Campfire is out and I am on the 3rd cup of tea, trying to tell you all this crazy story!! Imagine, it all started with the turkeys! If it hadn't been for them, Senora would not have seen us crazy Canadians out there!! 
I wonder what's for lunch on Monday. You don't suppose.......?
Good night everyone!! Might just be a picture of Gus on Skype for tomorrow....just sayin'

Cheers friends!!


  1. It's actually "Welcome to the house of the Grandparents"!

  2. Looks like a great those kittens!

  3. I loved the Blog today.....You brought it all together in the most interesting way. It is amazing how things just come together in the Universe!!!!!!

    Nancy, I see a book in your future!