Saturday, 23 March 2013

VdJ to Guadalajara (Day 1)

Word of the Day: Viaje (bee-ya-hey)

We managed to leave Hacienda Contreras at 9 am. First though, we had to have Diane say good-bye to Sal and Barb and Kevin and Ruth!!

Barb, Diane and Sal 
Diane, Ruth & Kevin... 
Dale (from Saskatchewan) was kind enough to drive us up to Mazamitla to catch the bus. As luck would have it, we were there in time for the earlier 9:10 am bus (which was actually running late at about 9:25 am) instead of the 10:10 am bus.
Bus terminal in Mazamitla 
The ride was great. It took about 3 hours. The bus circles around to the north part of town and then you get a cab back to the historic district and the Hotel Frances. Bus cost $115 ps ($9.75 Cdn) each and the cab was $127 ps ($10.80 Cdn) back to the hotel. Cab rates are pre-set into zones so no one gets ripped off. I like that!!
L-O-V-E the hotel!!! (Bob andDanna - you will love this place when we come here in May!!)
There are actually two of these beds!!
View out of our room - love the Romeo & Juliet balconies!!
Looking towards Plaza Liberacion
Bathroom has a matching balcony too!!
Beautiful balcony doors.
Imagine how many people have stood outside on this balcony??
Looking from our level down into the lobby and bar area.
View out of our door...
Bienvenidos a Guadalajara....
So, after we got settled, had a nice cool drink, we headed out to see what we could see!! This is a city of 16,000,000 people. Pretty amazing. I love these historic areas and I think we really will have a good time here. 
  Don't worry, I will get a better picture...
Electric Pepsi truck - Doug loved it!!
Plaza Liberacion ....
Beautiful walking plaza...
Shoe shine and shoe laces anyone??
We can always find paletas...
Just hanging out in Gaudalajara....
Mini cars that the parents can rent for their kids to run around
in the square with. George, this is for you - same car you have!!
Doug is always having to figure out just where we are!!
Down by the Instituto Cultural Cabans...
After this great walk, we headed over to the HUGE market - yes, Ruth, we found it!! I have never been in a market that big. Most incredible!!
Doug buys a pair of huaraches....
Birds, anyone??!!
I REALLY want one of these "Day of the Dead" statues for my house....
Heading back towards the hotel...
I know, I know, 2nd foot picture!!
We found our way to another plaza, right by our hotel, again. There were a few neat things going on. First, this band of young guys. Their instruments were made up entirely of plastic things. No real instruments. Hoses, plastic pop bottles. They were amazing!!
Government building that is in front of our hotel...
Cathedral Basilica Asuncion de Maria
Totally cool, touristy thing to do, huh?
The old and the new. Some hip hop dancers were doing a display,
right in front of the old cathedral...
Anyway, that's our first day. As we head downstairs for dinner, I can hear the sounds of a very vibrant city, still going strong. Music, voices, laughing, and best of all, horses clip-clopping by with their carriages. This is magical!!
Wait til tomorrow!!!
Cheers friends!! 


  1. Glad you made it to the market. Your pictures are great. The colour is nice and rich, that blue sky really helps!

    Have more fun tomorrow as I am sure you will.


  2. Ohhh, I'm really glad you are enjoying it all. Have a good Sunday, look for the Palm Sunday processions near the cathedral.

  3. Wow! I remember that market, we used to go there all the time when I lived in Guad (as we called it) in 1977! Long time ago and it still looks the same!