Friday, 29 March 2013

VdJ (Day 40): Happy Birthday

Happy "official" Birthday to Josh!!
Hope you are having a great evening with everyone!!

Word of the Day: salchichas de pavo (sal-cheechas day pabo)
                            turkey weiners

....remember the turkey story from yesterday - ask me about it later!!

Pretty quiet day here today. Mostly hung around, did wash, etc. Always missing our kids on their birthdays. I know, I know, I talked of this yesterday. Still it's hard to be away!! We did get to Skype with the birthday boy and family this evening though so it helped a bit!!

This morning, Sherman left the property - alert the authorities!! No, don't bother. It was just Kevin and Ruth getting the old boy ready for his summer hiatus here, while they are up in Prince Albert, minding a campground. Bit of fresh gas, bit of air in the tires and he is on standby, waiting for the fall!! Still, he looked pretty ready to hit the road N-O-W!!

You know there isn't much going on when I sit and take pictures of the animals, but am too lazy to get out of the chair to do so!!
Neco, (a.k.a. guard-dog!!) Even she had nothing to do today!!
Don't let that relaxed look fool you, she will alert anyone within a
1/4 mile radius that you are around, especially at night!!
Don't let this sweet face fool you!!! This one is the trouble-maker
of the litter!! Continually ambushing the other two. This morning he fell out
of a plant pot....If I could take one home, this would be the one!!
Today, our friends that did the interview came back by and invited us for birthday cake for Dona Rachel tomorrow.The term "Dona" (pronounced don-ya) is a term of respect, kinda like saying "Mrs or Madam". Poor explanation, I know, but essentially it is Grandma's birthday. Should be fun. We will go with Mary-Pat, who also visited with them. Very honoured that they would drop by to invite us. Really looking forward to it!! Also, Saturday is market day (do you remember the word.....tianguis - tea-ang-ees). Gold star for those who did!!
Oh, right, the turkey part. Well, it is the word of the remember the turkeys we saw on our walk the other day, the cheeky one. Well, he got his just rewards today.....just sayin'!!
Maybe he is the birthday dinner tomorrow!!!!
Tea is done and we are too!!
Cheers friends, near and far!!

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  1. Today was our Market Day too! I bet your Market Day beats Super Store any day. Wish we were there!

    Danna and Roberto