Friday, 15 March 2013

VdJ (Day 29): Diane arrives!!

Sorry - Missed yesterday. Well, we didn't really "miss" the day but the internet was off so no post. I guess I must be really in the "habit" of posting because it really puts my routine off if I don't tell you all what we are doing!!  Not that it is that important, but we like to "share"!!!

So, just a little update.....We finished up at the denitst yesterday. All we can say is "WOW". One crown, porcelain with special metal lining on the inside top for strength, 2 check-ups and cleanings and Doug had his mis-shapen tooth in the front fixed. Total cost of $1700 ps (which is about $145 Cdn) I know!! Can you believe it?? In Canada, you cannot even get a check-up for that. Remember, Dr. Lissett is a root canal specialist with 7 years of Guadalajara University under her she is so nice!!


In the afternoon, I made some unbaked chocolate-coconut oatmeal cookies. Yummy!!

I think we have eaten half of them...oh well....
Today, is Friday, March 15th. Doug's sister, Diane Johnston, is flying in from Ablerta/Phoenix. We are very stoked to have "company". Takes about 2.5 hours to get to the Guadalajara airport. It is on the south side of the city so it is very easy to get to. We really enjoyed the drive.
Everywhere there is a Starbucks!!
Behind those doors is.....
Sister, Diane!!!!
Almost night-time driving!!
So, we are wined-up and fed-up and have had our tea (yes, even Diane!!) Tomorrow is the tianguis in town. We hope she will enjoy it!! We will keep her busy!!
Cheers friends!!