Friday, 8 March 2013

VdJ (Day 23): Concepcion de Buenos Aires

What a nice trip we made today. Took about 1 hour to get there. Such a nice drive through rolling valleys.....

The town is wonderful. Very clean and tidy. Very "tranquille" It almost seemed strange that there weren't enough people out, but that may have been just the time of day we were there. We dispersed and wandered around for a bit. As always, we will start with the town square, which almost always is home of the church. Interesting how all the churches are wide open here during the day. I don't think that is the case in Canada, too bad....

Spectacular stained glass windows...
Bird of Paradise bush - we only see these in a vase at home!!
All the trees you see without leaves are just waiting for the rainy season to sprout!!
It was strange not to see many people. Do you notice how very clean and tidy everything is. It's like the town was vaccumed!! As always, I like to just walk around and see little things of interest. Like the animals:
WHO is that handsome cabellero on that horse?? A gentleman in the square wanted to know who wanted to sit on his horse. We sent Sal in for the test shot!!
But, he also had this cute little guy. I wanted to bring him home!!
This little guy was guarding his store!!
...and he was just peaking out!!
...more my style!!
One of the things we love about Mexico is seeing how things are done much different than Canada. Like small farmers bringing their milk to the cremeria. This is only 2 of the deliveries. There was a constant stream, no pun intended, of milk incoming to the shop!! 
This guy had 2 mules - in the transportation world I worked in,
I would call this a "B" train!!
This picture is for my niece, Lacey, who loves to knit. I hope
my sister will show it to her. This was such a cute little shop!!
Just some random doors and things:
Then we had lunch. I am sure that when the ladies in the little restaurant saw ALL of us they were a bit panicky, but they adjusted quickly to the amount of people and nicely set up tables outside by the square for us. How nice!! There were 14 of us. That is a lot of people to just "drop in" for lunch!! Super great food. I had a chile relleno soup. It was fabulous. Doug had the birria which is like a beef stew (no veggies) with a light, juicy sauce. In many areas it is made with goat but in this they use beef. He said it was great!
Here is what Doug and I thought amusing. When we were in Bucerias we had dinner out, remember the restaurant with the parrot that bit us? Well that overpriced, lousy beach meal cost us $720 ps. Pretty bad, huh? When we got the bill for that and saw that they even charged us for chips and guacamole we were afraid to look at the bottom line. One of the reasons that the beach is expensive!!!
This meal for 14 people, with beers etc, cost $738 ps!!! We couldn't believe it. PLUS, it was so much better food!! Love it!!
  Finished up with paletas (ice cream...)
What a super nice day. Thanks to Mike & Kathy for letting us ride along with them. Thanks, always, to Barb and Sal for arranging the trip. If you come here to Hacienda Contreras, you can do these things too!!
I really like taking pictures and generally like them all, but this is my favourite picture of the day. It says to me, "Take care of each other"....
That's it for us. Remember "Take care of each other"
Cheers friends!!


  1. We loved that little town.

    And we also had paletas while we were favorite fresa con crema!

    See you soon!

    1. That's the one I had too, I think! That is an awesome little town for sure!!

  2. Replies
    1. I thought my transportation friends might pick up on that one! Hey, aren't you supposed to be working??!!

    2. I always read your blog on my lunch!! Keeps me entertained! :)