Sunday, 17 March 2013

VdJ (Day 31): Pajarete and another birthday!!

The weather cleared up today!! The last 2 days we have had a sprinkling (...gasp) of rain. I know, my family  and friends in Vancouver are telling us that we suck right now, but in all our travels last year, we never had rain, at all!!

First, Happy Birthday, tomorrow, March 18th, to our brother-in-law, Martin Nichols. We wanted to show you all the kitties here at Hacienda Contreras. One little fellow was napping somewhere, but we managed to get the mommy cat and three of her babies!!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow Martin!!
Feliz Cumpleanos!!!

Hey, that little one got in the way of the "n"!!!
We were lucky enough to go back to Francisco's dairy farm and get to sample more pajarete. Remember the lovely fresh milk drink we had a few weeks ago?. Hope Doug and Diane like it as much as I did!!
Fill 'er up!!
Fresh milk, all ready for Barb's special pasteurising!!
Waiting their turns!!
Sal was telling us about how when he was a kid, they used to pull the sharp, needle like centres out of the cactus flowers to throw at each other, like darts...I can just hear his mom..."don't poke your eyes out you boys!!"
I am sure that it would smart quite a bit to get stuck with one of these!!
Yesterday, we had something VERY cool happen. A new camper, Renate, came into the park. Renate has followed Kevin & Ruth's blog for quite awhile and in turn was also linked onto our blog!! Now, this is the first time we have ever met someone who followed our blog. We were VERY excited that she knew so much about us. She already knew Diane's name and that the day before had been her birthday. She knows all about Gus. All about Euri. It was so neat. She says it was because of Kevin & Ruth's blog and our blog that she decided to come down to Mexico. Hey, we decided to come because of Kevin & Ruth's blog too!! Maybe more of you should come too!! We are really looking forward to talking more with her. Also, she is driving on her own in the VERY SAME little motorhome that Doug has found in Phoenix on the internet and that he is convinced we should buy. She is also from Germany - just like my sister-in-law, Carmen!! Super glad to meet Renate & Rocky her dog.....Thanks, Renate!!    
Wastin' away again in Margaritaville, well almost, in Valle de Juarez!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!
Cheers friends (yes, tea is on!!)

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