Sunday, 24 March 2013

Guadalajara (Day 2)

Word of the Day: Hermana (air-man-a)

Up bright and early we were NOT....We didn't lounge around too long  but we didn't hurry either. We had a really nice breakfast at the little cafe on the corner and then headed over to Palacio de Gobierno building that is right in front of us.

That is the back of the Palacio de Gobierno, right in front of our windows...
From the front of the building....

Palacio de Gobierno, competed in 1774
Interior courtyards everywhere....
Looking up a HUGE set of stairs to an overhead mural by Jose Clemente Orozco of
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the Father of Mexican Independance. He's a good guy...
There is Doug & Diane.....
It depicts some of the social struggles of the modern 20th century society,
fears, tragedies, crimes, betrayals. It is incredible to look up at it...
Attached to the palace is the "legislature" area, where the big officials meet....
Very cool to be able to just walk in here to view it all....
As Doug pointed out, what was amazing was that inside these walls there was virtually no noise from the streets, which were teeming with people, performers, music etc.
Guadalajara Plaza, right in front of the Basilica Acsuncion de Maria
We headed back outside to find the Tapatio tour buses. Wasn't too hard!! $120 ps each ($10.20 Cdn each). Good for 4 different tours around the city and you can take all day to do them. Pretty sweet deal! I have always wanted to ride on the top of a double decker bus and now I get too!!
Wear your sunscreen, bring a hat that will stay on your head and grab a
cushion when you get on board - the seats are HOT!!
Okay, so some of the trees and wires are a tad close!!
First loop that we did was the Tlaquepaque loop which has lots of artist and gallery shops. Yes, Diane and I did find something to buy. It was from a nice lady that used to live in Duncan, BC. Her grandson lives in Nanaimo now. Poor Doug, he is doomed with the shopping thing!! He is a good sport about it all....
After that loop and a bit of shopping, exploring time, it was time to get on a different bus and hed up to Tonala. Strangely, this is when Dago made his yearly appearance (a.k.a. Doug with a "do-rag" on his head - it was pretty hot and he did not have a hat!!)
Anyway, this Tonala is another type of shopping area. It seemed to me more of a gallery, furniture and house decor type of things. Pretty neat. Doug and I found the round table and four chairs that we like (the traditional Mexican ones you find in the restaurants) It is only $3700 ps (which is actually only about $314.50 Cdn) and it is the really nice ones that are woven on the backs of the chairs. I won't forget where that shop is!!. Don't worry, I have his business card!!  
Dago is back!!
Heading back to Tlaquepaque from Tonala to change buses again!!
Yup, that's us!!
These buses do get you up pretty high!!
We transferred to a bus that would take us back to the old town area so we could carry on with a Guadalajara Historic district loop. I took many pictures but it is not possible to put them all on here. Here are the last few of the 3rd loop:
This is where the buses leave from...Rotunda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres
(basically statues of people who were important to the state of Jalisco)
...and some of each of their ashes are buried under their statute.
Ooopps - maybe get a hat next time, not the seat cushion!!
Beautiful gates to the city, somewhat designed like the Arc de Triomphe...
No, I did NOT buy one of these - only cuz the bus was on the move!!
Sorry, forgot the name of this, but it is YELLOW!!
Not sure.....
I just like doors....
Monument to Ninos Heroes - sorry, picture is on the move
and not so good, but still important....
This is why every town has a street called Ninos Heroes (see below...)
Niños Héroes (Boy Heroes), were six Mexican teenage military cadets. These cadets died defending Mexico at Mexico City's Chapultepec Castle (which was then serving as the Mexican army's military academy) from invading U.S. forces in the September 13, 1847 Battle of Chapultepec, during the Mexican-American war. One of the cadets,
Juan Escutia, wrapped himself with the Mexican flag and jumped from the roof
of the castle to keep it from falling into enemy hands.
The Niños Héroes are commemorated by a national holiday on September 13.
Another beautiful church...
That concludes the tours. We missed the Zapopan tour. Just didn't have enough time! That's okay though because Bob and Danna will be here with us in the middle of May and we will do it then!!
Off to dinner and then a coffee and back to the hotel to get packed up - travel day!!
Nice enough food for a last dinner in Guadalajara....not too expensive!!
Basilica Acsuncion de Maria again...
All ready for bed. It was a long day but our best day here. We all loved the tours. Such a great way to see a city that is FAR too large to enjoy in just a few days. Some of the things I observed here were that everyone seems really happy, there are loads of vendors, the city is alive at night and the horses are still clip-clopping by our window, even at 10:30 pm. I don't think they like the fluffy things that stick up on their heads!! AND....I made one little boy very happy when I bought one last souvenirs from him, a beautiful white, silver and gray wrap....yup, he was happy!!
Thanks Guadalajara, we had a great time and we will be back soon!! I have a few more pictures to share later. 
Cheers friends - see you all back at Hacienda Contreras!!

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  1. Great pictures, there used to be a great ice cream shop, Bing's I think it was called right by the gates to the City (that look like the Arc de Triomphe) that we used to frequent regularly! Part of the reason I came home rounder than when I left!!