Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Galloway Twnshp NJ to Jersey City NJ (180 Kms=112 Miles)

We broke away from the Atlantic City region this morning. The campground was just a so-so spot. and just okay for an overnighter. It was nice to have bathrooms close by.

One of the things we have discovered is that there are basically three types of "campgrounds". The first is a real campground/state park type of place (our favourite). The second is an RV resort type of place. Usually a touch snazzy, hot tubs, club house, etc. The third is a trailer park. This is where we were last night. They aren't our favourite that's for sure. More often than not, they tend to be a bit run-down around the edges, although sometimes the office area can be very nice. People just seem to have arrived and never left. It seems some of them (the parks) are a bit weird. And, I don't mean that disrespectfully, just not our style and we do try and avoid them.....Enough said about that!

A shout out to our daughter and son-in-law, Teagan & Shawn today. They are moving from Edmonton to Nelson. Shawn will be opening up his new tattoo studio there, The Timber Tattoo Company http://shawnoconnorca.blogspot.ca. If you are looking for a truly amazing artist, you will find it in Shawn. His passion is second to none when it comes to his artwork. We are very proud of his work.

Anyway, here was how their day was spent today. Hopefully, the next photo we see will be of them with a glass of wine in their hands on the deck of their new place in Nelson (hint hint!!)

Hey, I thought you two had "downsized" your stuff.
This looks like a pretty B-I-G truck!!
See you in Nelson!!
Also, we got some  pretty sweet pictures of you-know-who yesterday and today! I am sure you have all been a bit Gus-starved of late so here you go:


Chowing down on some Lebanese food on
Mother's Day at Grandma Mel's!!

And just like his Dad, sticks in hand and bare feet!!!
Have I mentioned in the last minute or so how much we LOVE that kid??
Okay, now, off to some driving time. It didn't take long and soon we were on our final approach to our destination. But first, here is the drive:
Probably the first 60 miles looked like this on the Garden Parkway.
Definitely the way to go. It runs right from where we got to Cape May, right up to here!!

Just to show that Doug does drive, sometimes!!
Getting busier!!

Sorry about the dashboard reflections!!

Lots of oil refineries and power plants....

...and lots of trucks.....I mean, lots!!

New car anyone??
We met a few ladies in Nashville who were wanting to make sure that we came up through the Garden Parkway of New Jersey, not the infamous Jersey Turnpike. I guess the turnpike looks more like the above industrial shots and probably what most people think of when they think of New Jersey. This is a bit unfair as Cape May, where we were the past few days was also New Jersey. In fact, they were the ones that told us to go to Cape May....Thanks ladies for the tip!!

The last toll booth. This was the fourth one we went through today. The other's
were just $1.50 and .75 cents each but this one was $13.70! 

Before long what did we see? Holy cow, New York City was in our sights! We can't believe it ourselves!!


Neighbourhood leading in towards the RV park and marina.

 Parking lot at the office...

All set up in Site A13 for the next three nights!!
(Welcome mat is out if anyone wants to visit!!)
After we got set up and had a sandwich, we went out to familiarize ourselves with the 'hood! It seems to be pretty nice walking around. Typical marina area, some grubby little corners here and there and there seems to be a lot of construction going on as well.
This is part of the Liberty Marina and that view is the financial district of New York City!! This is where the ferry will be leaving from tomorrow and is about a 2 minutes
walk from our van. We LOVE that kind of convenience!!
And as promised on their website, you CAN see the Statue of Liberty from their dock! 

So, as we walk back past the office, this is what we see. Pretty nice Jersey City skyline!

Part of their light rail system...

...and here comes one of the super quiet trains. This is all
just about 2 blocks from the campground.




As we were walking around, we noticed this mega rubber bumper on one of the parked cars! I guess hitting someone's bumper and having your bumper hit is part of living here....

Back...it just kinda hooks on.

...and the front one.

So, there is part of that famous skyline.....
When we got back, it was time for a glass of wine. This cat seems to have picked out his spot and is just waiting for his motorhome to arrive.

Yes, this one will do......

...and I'm STILL waiting!

Coincidentally, here comes the ferry we will take tomorrow.
(...behind the little boat, of course!) 

Commuters piled off and then the captain just swung it around
and headed back.....


See, sunset makes everything look pretty!!

Even us!!
So, tomorrow will be filled with sights and sounds, the likes we haven't seen before. We are very much looking forward to our time here, although we know it will not be long enough. We are grateful to have been able to get here and see whatever we can. We are very fortunate, indeed.
See you tomorrow. Oh, you might want to wear your comfy shoes and pack your lunch!!
Thought for the Day: There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them up from your mind and hug them. This is dedicated to our kids, Teagan, Shawn, Josh, Kathy and Gus. Missing you guys!! Love you all!!


  1. I'm so excited for you two - New York City!!! Hope you sleep well tonight in preparation for your adventure tomorrow. I can't wait to read all about it. Hugs

  2. Seeing these pics makes me miss NYC. Have fun out there, as I know you two will.


  3. Have a wonderful time in NYC. Can't wait for the reports.

  4. Have fun guys! Looking forward to reading about and seeing your adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Oh my! I can't believe how big Gus has gotten! Such a cutie! Looking forward to "our" trip to the big apple!!