Saturday, 24 May 2014

Bar Harbor ME to Saint Andrews NB (219 Kms=136 Miles)

And we were off and running (not too early) this morning. Great drive with almost no cars. That really makes it relaxing. We loved the rolling forested countryside. Really reminded us of BC and parts of Alberta.

We came out of Bar Harbor ME on Hwy 3. It then turned us right onto Hwy 179, which are the first two photos below. The third and fourth ones below are when we picked up Hwy 9 into Calais ME to the border.




As you can see LOTS of trees!!
Before too long, we saw the "Welcome to Canada" sign at the border!! We had absolutely no problems crossing the border. In fact, we only had one other car in front of us and he was gone before we hardly had stopped rolling up behind him. We were at the booth for no more than 1 minute and that was that - Welcome Home!!

...and New Brunswick welcomes us too!!
First provincial flag for you all-New Brunswick
About 5 minutes from the border crossing is the town of St Stephen. We stopped at the Visitor Info centre and got a nice NB tourist book and carried on....
Visitor Information Centre. It was actually closed until tomorrow but the nice
lady opened the door and gave us a great brochure for our NB travels.

A little glimpse of St. Stephens....

Then we saw the one sign that really identifies
us as being back in Canada!!!!

Some tea, a Boston Cream and a double
chocolate donut....good to be back!!

Hey, I know that guy!!! Time to get him outta here and
get back on the road to Saint Andrews!!

Now, that is a beautiful site!! 
I think it's low tide!
It isn't far to Saint Andrews. About 15 minutes and we were cruising through a part of the town on our way to the Oceanfront Camping at St. Andrews-By-the-Sea (or Saint Andrews).
The Algonquin Resort in town....
The road on the way into the campground....
Seems a great spot. We snagged a site with an ocean view for the night. There are quite a few trailers etc here. I forgot to take a picture of the office area so I will try and remember to do that tomorrow before we leave.... 

There is a little road behind us that goes into the historic part of Saint Andrews.
Hardly any traffic. On the other side is the Passamaquoddy Bay. It was
pretty low tide when we got here so I think that is part of the whole
Bay of Fundy low/high tide phenomenon
Found the laundry room too!!
We took a nice walk into the historic district. It was about 10-12 blocks so we decided against the bikes and enjoyed the walk. Saint Andrews or St. Andrews By-the-Sea as it is commonly called, was founded in 1783 by the United Empire Loyalists. United Empire Loyalists are people who were living in the original 13 colonies of the United States when the American Revolution took place. The loyalists continued to support the king of England. Thousands moved north to Canada. Today, about one-fifth of Canadians can claim descent from a Loyalist. Wow, did NOT know that!!

This house is just around the corner from the campground.


A number of the houses coming into the historic district have plaques
with information about the house and it's history on them....

"Knock, knock" Capt. Fenwick home please? 

 Very cute little town....





Looking back towards town from the wharf....


When we left for our walk, this was the bay behind us.... 

This is what is looked like by the time we got back.....
 Nice view out the back window of Euri!!
So, we will  be off tomorrow. We will be in New Brunswick for a few more days, following what is called the Fundy Coastal Drive. It keeps us right along the coast (funny, huh?) 
Should prove to be very interesting and enlightening!! Want to come along for the ride?
P.S. It's good to be back....
Thought for the Day: Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

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