Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sandwich MA to Wells ME (216 Kms=134 Miles)

Wow, we really do know how to smoke up the highway, don't we? We left our Sandwich park at 8:30 am, right on schedule and drove for about 1/2 hour to Plymouth MA. This is where the Pilgrims landed was and where what remains of the Plymouth rock. Someone we met a few days ago called it the "Plymouth Pebble". Interesting story about how the rock was actually quite a bit bigger (history says) but over time it was moved and it actually split in half. This stone has been repaired (true). Also, they remind you that the shore was not all nice and organized when they landed. It was just a rocky harbour and the stone would have been big enough to tie a small dingy up to. Pretty heady stuff to see it. We were happy to have made the "pilgrimage" to it (...sorry, couldn't resist that one!!)

Coming into the town of Plymouth MA 

 Pretty little town...

Here is the monument that houses the Plymouth Rock.....
And this is what is left of the stone now. You can see
the split line in it running just left of the 1620....

The rangers come and rake the sand after high tides.
Funny to see it just sitting there. Doug had researched it so we knew
the approximate size it was. Otherwise I may have been a bit surprized!!

You can see the opening where
the tide can come in.....
A short walk around the path and you come to a re-creation of the Mayflower II (above) but it is in need of repair as well so they are trying to raise money. Another of those "admission" things that we passed on a $10 each admission fee on walk on the ship. There was quite a large contingent of school kids out enjoying. We felt that we could see it well enough from shore. 
After that we headed into Boston. It's not a hard drive nor is it very long. Only about 35 miles from Plymouth to Boston. It did start to slow down due to volume though.



Super gorgeous day, as you can tell!!


We did a little extra stop at a very famous spot, Fenway Park!! Now, we aren't really MLB fans but I think if I was to vote for a team, this just might be the one. It pretty much oozed history just walking around the outside.....


See Doug there??

 I can almost hear the crack of a bat and the roar of the fans.....

Josh, challenge accomplished!!

We liked the name of this restaurant. This area we are in is
a pretty fancy, old area so we thought the name suited!!


It is in an area where there is a big park called Boston Common
which also has SO much history to it. (Google it my friends!!)

That's an old park!!!!

It is really huge.....
The main reason that we stopped by in Boston was to meet our friend, Austin Batalden and fiancĂ©e, Rebecca Posthuma at the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro. Our great friends, Mark & Patty Batalden used to live near us in Cloverdale, BC. Our kids all grew up together and Austin and her brothers spent a lot of time at our house and Teagan & Josh spent a lot of time at their house. We have so many wonderful memories of those times together. We had so much fun visiting with them today and hearing all about their wedding plans and their jobs that they love. The time flew by entirely too fast. And like always, we laughed and laughed.

(L-R)  Doug, Nancy, Austin & Rebecca.....

Such a cool neighbourhood.
After lunch we all walked back past the van....

Everyone wants their picture taken with
Euri......and now, they have really arrived!!

I think he misses them already!!

My $7 Walmart shoes and $3 socks are ready to move on.......

Leaving Boston behind.....
Sadly, we left the girls behind and hit the road for Maine. Nice drive. This means, of course that we wound our way north of Boston and then got onto Hwy 1 again so we could follow it as closely up the coast as we could. Remember Hwy 1 in Florida and Key West?? Here we go again only, in the opposite direction!! 
Ha - got this one this time!!
That's a pretty catchy motto - Isn't that a James Bond movie title??
You don't drive very far and then, bang!!! You are in Maine. We love these 3 state days!! We were sorry that all we could do was transit through New Hampshire and couldn't spend anytime here. 
If you are keeping track, New Hampshire was our 22nd state and below, Maine, is our 23rd state on this mega trip!!! Pretty amazing, huh?

...The way life should be - open for business!
These guys look like they do, indeed, mean business!! 
Mr. Smokey the Bear with a menacing look!!
I am pretty sure Lenny is the only moose I will only see on this trip!!!
I did not know that a chocolate moose had a "natural habitat"

Before too long we were in Wells ME at the Moody Beach campground. Nothing great. An campground that, yet another, big company has bought out and is beginning to gussy up a bit. They have a long way to go on this one but it's okay for the night. We actually only came here because it is a Passport America listing. But, it seems that PA has "blocked" out this week as it is approaching Memorial Day. We thought it was a bit weird to black it out on a Tuesday. We can see if it was a Thursday before the long weekend, but there are lots of empty spots here. Oh well. Cost on this one without PA is $41. Way too high for what is here. It was nearly 4 pm and we will only find the same thing further up the road so we took it. It did make us scratch our heads though......

Sites are a bit weirdly set up, all parallel to the roadways....

...but #93 will work for the night.
Our thanks again to Austin & Rebecca for spending some time with us today. We so very much enjoyed their company and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. Happy days are ahead for you two!! Stay well and have fun! 
Wow, this is our last state on this epic journey. It seems a bit surreal to us both. We will enjoy Maine for the next few days. We are leaving here tomorrow for Bar Harbor. It's about 200 miles up the road - WHAT???? 200 Miles, who said that was appropriate for us??
See you tomorrow!!

Thought for the Day: Dedicated to Austin & Rebecca.....And then my soul saw you and it went..."Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you" 


  1. Acadia National Park is really nice...I hope you're planning a couple of days there.

    1. We are planning on a day there on Thursday. Running out of time but we will at least go check it out.....

  2. You're going to have to change your lingo very soon . . . no more state to state, it's going to be province to province! We sure are looking forward to having you in ours! Another wonderful blog and so nice to see a young, happy couple in love! I'm talking about Austin and Rebecca, Doug! Geesh! :-) Have fun in Bar Harbor. It's a terrific place to hang out with lots to see and do!

    1. Looking forward to a lingo change to be honest!!

      Austin & Rebecca are just an amazing couple. We have known Austin since she was about 6 years old. She was always like one of our own kids. We were thrilled to be able to spend even a little time with them. So much fun to meet Rebecca!!

  3. I love you blog and truly appreciate all the time it must take to maintain it. You truly are living the dream. Thank you for making time to see my baby girl and Becca. I love you both....retirement can't be that far off. I think Mark and I will have to part of a leg of your journey when we retire.

    1. No one does a road trip better than a Batalden, you know that!! You guys would do great at this. We are sad to see our US time coming to an end soon but have so many wonderful memories.

      Meeting the girls was the highlight of this time away. We couldn't get enough time with them and soon the clock called them both back to work or we could have visited all day. Such an amazing pair. We love them!!