Sunday, 25 May 2014

Saint Andrews NB to Moncton NB (285 Kms=178Miles)

First, as promised, here is a picture of the front of the campground we were at....


When we left Saint Andrews this morning we had already decided on our route. We would take the Fundy Coastal Drive. It is a very nice wander alongside the coast for most of the way. We passed so many nice spots and, again, I wish I knew all the names of them. But these first few are from St. George. They have a cool set of falls that Doug had read were worthy of photographing and they weren't kidding!! As always with any falls, you should really be there to hear the roar!!!

We drove over this bridge and then just parked pretty much
just behind where I am taking this picture.....

You can walk down quite a ways on the steps. they are all metal gridded. (A bit like the ones on sidewalks over the vents) I HATE those things and I always avoid them on the street. These ones were a bit unnerving because the water was actually roaring right about 2 feet under your feet...makes me a little crazy!!!


This picture is taken from the bridge I just showed you. You can see
the sluiceway on the left and then you can also see lots of water
diverting to the right. Not sure why.....

Just back over the bridge was a blueberry farm store. No one there
except Mr. Blueberry and he was happy to pose with Doug.....

He does have a friend (besides Doug) so no need to feel sorry for him!
So then we drove about 3 blocks further into town and there is another bridge. Take a look at these pictures. Pretty darn spectacular, right? Way above, you can see the sluiceway and the other bridge where we were just standing!



This is the second bridge that I took the above pictures from. They
have a neat little "jut-out" on the side just for this purpose.....
After this, it was on to, basically, the other side of St. George to find the Canal covered bridge. It was built in 1916 and Euri fits quite comfortably..... 


Excuse me, is that Grandma Nancy defacing the bridge girders???
Just doing what everyone else had already done!!

After this it was just aimless wandering along the road. We would stop for pictures or if we saw something really neat. You could stop every mile I think because there is always something nice to look at.
This is New Brunswick's Provincial Park sign. Nice park too. We drove in to check them out. The sites with electric are $28 and the non-electric sites (dry camp) are $25 per night. You may as well have electricity!! There is "common" water around the park and a clean up kitchen. Some pit toilets and a few bathrooms with showers. Good layout around the grounds and there is a beach area across the street.... 

Snazzy signs....
Nice big beach area. If you are not camping there is an $8 per car
user fee to come to the beach!! Reminds us of the Cape May area with beach tags!
Anyway, onward we went. We were just cruising along taking pictures and Doug was on the picture taking detail ...



Notice how high this wharf looks to be sitting??
Low tide right now....


I am thinking that it is a "Small Wonder" that this boat even
made it back to the harbour, safely!! 
We stopped at another small set of falls that drained into what is called Musquash Estuary. They were pretty too but not quite as big as the ones in St. George. They also seem to tease you with moose warning signs on the highway (sorry no pictures of the signs) but there certainly have been NO moose sightings!!!

There is a huge marshy area way out past the falls that it drains into.

Saint John in our sights!!
Some super cool old buildings up on this hill. People in
 Saint John must be in good shape if they walk - lots of hills!!

We got here about 1:00 pm. We had NO idea where we were going in the
town so we just drove around and took pictures and then Doug figured
out how to get us up to the Fort Howe lookout area....

 Saint John harbour.....
It`s a neat area this lookout because on one side is the harbour and on the other
side of these flags is another area as well. Sorry, forgot to take picture
on this side. There is no water over on this side that I could see.

Euri stands on guard up at Fort Howe.....while we ate lunch!
Great, great time along this Fundy Coastal Drive. It winds you all over the place and when you least expect it, BAM!!! you pop over the net hill or corner and see:
Something like this....
Or this.....
Or a beautiful country road like this!! 

Now, it has turned mostly into farming land. Notice how the road is
not very wide. Just a little country style road....

Around here, near Sussex, we turned onto Hwy 1 from the Fundy Drive to hurry ourselves up a bit. The nice lady at the campground was waiting and watching out for our arrival.
So here we are for the next two nights, Stonehurst Trailer Park & Golf Course, just outside of Moncton. We are pretty happy with the rate, $19 per night for water and electric (including wifi) with our Passport America membership. Honestly, this PA membership has saved us hundreds of dollars in fees.....we love having it and we would strongly suggest that anyone planning on doing any reasonable amount of travel through the US and Canada to consider getting one. I believe it costs about $40 per year and $20 for the big book or catalogue.   

Spot #139 is what we will call home for the next two nights....

Nice office and laundry.....

Pretty quiet and very nice spots. It is a pretty spotless park. The gold course is out back, we think. We saw little glimpses of it but it just looks like a little county golf course,
not a big fancy one or anything like that.....

Chef Doug at it again!!!
Well, that was quite a drive, huh?? So, what are we doing on Monday you ask. We will be heading out for the day and going to continue on the Fundy Coastal Drive for a bit. Then we will return to this very spot!!!
Hope you have all had a great weekend!!
Thought for the Day: You can shake the sand from your shoes but it will never leave your soul.


  1. Still not many leaves on the trees out there.

    Make sure you go to Hopewell Rocks. Somewhere on our blog there's instructions on how to sneak in for free!

    Oh, here it is...

    1. We had already decided to go see Hopewell Rocks. Looks like an amazing place and I am sure we will enjoy it!

      There will be no sneaking in to the site. When we go to something that we feel has a justifiable fee, we don't mind paying it. Should be neat to see, even though it's raining pretty hard here today!! Get out the rain slickers!!!

  2. Lovely country! On my bucket list.

    1. Super nice here. Reminds us of BC with the oceans, rolling treed lands and farm country!! Everyone should come to the Maritimes!!

  3. So much to see and so little time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Hey Rick & Kathy - You are practically on their back doorstep from Ontario!! Get down here.....