Friday, 23 May 2014

Bar Harbor ME (Day 3)

So, today, as promised, we drove the 13 kms (8 miles) into Bar Harbor. We already had passed through town the other day so pretty much knew what to expect and pretty much knew we would like it.  All of the pictures below are of the small town and the harbor (who knew?) area.....

Come along for a walk......oh, and lobster will be served at the end of the walk so bring your bibs!!




This is the pot where lobsters go to die..... :-(






Okay, my one gripe with this area is that they have moose on everything....
Nope, haven't seen one yet!!! They are just teasing, right?




View from the roof of the brew pub where we had a cold one....

My brew pub buddy....



This was cool! A grown-up rocking horse. The gentleman in the store told us that he
couldn't sell it as it had too many hours into it. All made from reclaimed wood.
He said someone offered him $10,000 and he said "No". But go ahead a ride it!!

I take the moose, thank you!!



Dinner spot!!

They give you instructions beforehand so you know what to do!! 

Oh, and specialized equipment!!!

Holy Toledo!! This is all mine.
(I think it's looking at me.....)

Doug is in attack mode.....nothing scares him!

So, we laughed out loud when we looked at my hand. We think that maybe
I had butter or lobster juice on it when she took the picture.
Either that or I am developing a claw of my own..... that's Bar Harbor, ME. We L-O-V-E-D it!! You should all come to this area. (well, maybe not all at once as it isn't very big!!)
Whenever we are getting ready to leave an area we always wonder, did we do it justice, did we represent it properly and most importantly, would we return?

We feel that for the few days we had here that we tried to show you all a bit of what it was like and tried to do it justice. It is a wonderful area. It actually reminds us a lot of home. Ocean areas, fishing (....lobstering in this case). Lots of trees, beaches. The most important thing though is that, "Yes", we would happily return one day if possible!!

As for the campground, Hadley's Point Campground, we really enjoyed our time here. Bathrooms are spic and span clean (and some are brand new). Great ladies at the front office. As I said before we love family run campgrounds! Thanks Hadley's Point for not turning into yet another Encore or Sun Resort. Keep the family tie in this campground!
Come and visit them at and see for yourself!!

Well, what's up for tomorrow you ask..........about 114 miles north of here...

New Brunswick to be exact. Yes, that is right. Our time in the USA on this amazing and epic journey has come to an end. We can hardly believe it ourselves. Remember when we left, it was a cold December 30th and I only cried after saying good-bye to Gus for 50 or 100 miles back then!! I will MOST definitely do a USA wrap-up shortly. I will need some time to decompress and put our thoughts in order. Goodness, we loved it. This is a diverse, amazing, confusing, beautiful, powerful country.
But, we are so happy to be coming home.....
Thought for the Day: You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream....Aristotle 


  1. You had a wonderful day! It was a great way to wrap up your time in the good ole USA. Canada awaits yous fellers! Safe trip tomorrow. Only four more sleeps until you're sleeping here! Wooo hoo!

  2. You just keep making that bucket list of places to go longer for us to see. Even the part of Canada that you're heading for. We'll only need another fifty years to see it all.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. We had a fun time at Acadia NP back in the summer of 2011. Our only problem was that we were there at the height of the season and it was just way too busy for us. We would love to go back as well but we would go back like you in May or early June or in September or early October. Glad you enjoyed your time in the US of A. I know that you will love the east coast of Canada.

  4. Thanks everyone for the great comments!
    P&J-you are right, it was a great wrap to our last day in the USA.
    R&K-get a bigger piece of paper for that bucket list! You can do it!!
    Ruth-Yup, off season is best, isn't it? USA was great!!