Saturday, 10 May 2014

Cape May NJ (Day 2)

As suspected, we stayed on another day, in fact, we will likely be here even longer. It is a really nice little town. It is a few kilometers to get to town on the bikes. The town is situated right on the seashore with lots of little streets going here, there and everywhere. We would like to explore more in the next few days.

Here are a few pictures from today:

We looked both ways but did not see one!

There were several weddings that looked like they had taken place, or were
taking place on the beach. Seems that this is quite the destination wedding stop!

Cape May lighthouse....

Looking down Beach Avenue, away from where the little wedding...

Nice condos too...

This hotel is actually pretty old looking, not a new "look-alike"

As is often the way, this time of year, not too many out on the beach.



I think Doug must have been a mariner in another life.....

Now, we weren't sure what this sign for "Beach Tags" was all about.
Surely they don't charge you to go onto the beach???

Nice boardwalk that runs the whole length of Beach Avenue....

A few of the houses on the way back to the campground....

Gotta love people who turn an old church into a brick oven pizza place.
It was busy too!!
That was it. We had a pretty relaxing day. The ride into town, around the streets near the beach and back to the campground was about 9-10 kms so at least we worked for our glass of wine at the end of the day.
Yes, laundry got done, all 3 loads. Bit expensive here $2.25 per wash load and $2.25 per dryer load for only 45 minutes, which ticks me off a bit. For that price you should at least get a whole hour!  $15.75 for laundry!!!
Thought for the Day: Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been....Jimmy Buffet


  1. Love those two houses with their flowers. Next to the desert, we love the sea.

    1. It seems that the whole town is filled with lots of these cool houses. We will find out more on our next ride through!! I think the sea is our favourite...

  2. Surely they don't charge you to go onto the beach???

    Apparently they do!

  3. Yet another good thing about travelling "off-season". No one was around.....not that we would have paid anything to walk on the beach - YIKES!!! Crazy, huh?

  4. More adventures and discoveries for you two. Cape May looks like an inviting little town. Enjoy it.

  5. P.S. - My trusty R&D Department (aka Doug) has found out that they do indeed charge from Memorial Day to Labor Day!

    In some of the state parks we have been in, some charge a "Day Use" fee as well. In fact, some of them charge you the day use fee even if you are camping - that is a bit much!! Luckily it did not happen very often!!

    Guess everyone wants their bit of money!!!

  6. Happy Mother's Day, Nancy! Wishing both you and Doug another lovely day at the shore!

  7. Yes they do charge for beach use along the Jersey Shore. The proceeds of this go to funding lifeguards, restrooms and trash removal. They are day, weekly and seasonal rates. Google is amazing. Cheers, shelagh