Friday, 9 May 2014

College Park MD to Cape May NJ (201 Kms=124 Miles)

I really should be showing our driving distance in kilometers!! What kind of bad Canadian am I anyway? I'll show both!!

Very uneventful drive out of the Washington DC area today. In fact, we were so relaxed about it we didn't leave the park until about 10:30 am. We went east on Hwy 50/301 to Hwy 404 and then Hwy 9 that leads you to Lewes, DE, right on the coast. 

Nice area, through Denton MD.

Oh, and Doug found that elusive "Welcome to Delaware" sign
that we couldn't find last week!! You actually cross into Delaware
a little ways before Woodenhawk DE

 Nice, small farming towns on the way.....


All above pictures courtesy of Doug!!
Soon we were at the ferry terminal in Lewes DE. This ferry is quite a bit smaller than the BC Ferry that we use back and forth from Vancouver Island to the mainland but runs pretty efficiently. It cost $46 one way for an 85 minute ride over to Cape May, NJ.

Our ferry was a tad bigger than this one!!

Super nice dock area, complete with a bar...outside...and it was OPEN!!!



Open bar, as promised!!

Euri sits in another ferry line-up. Don't worry, he is used to this!!



Pretty foggy - too bad!

BC Ferries, are you seeing these nice seats? You could
take a lesson from these! WIFI all over the ship - and it worked!!
 Looking into Delaware Bay, on the west side of the New Jersey shore


Once again a new state welcomes us!
New Jersey!!
State flag.....
So, tonight (and maybe tomorrow too) we are at The Depot Travel Park in West Cape May NJ. (way at the bottom of the state of NJ, by the ocean). It has a cute little train theme and it seems very well run. Some permanent travel trailers but all nicely kept. It's $40 per night so a bit pricey for us but what can you do in New Jersey anyway? It looks quite lonely as we are parked up against a wooded area but we like that. There are quite a  few people here and a few more have just pulled in. Tenters a bit down from us. A nice mix of all types. Bathrooms are spotlessly clean - yeah!!!

Site #111

Nice playground.......where is that grandson of ours, anyway??
Bathroom building on the right.....

I think our site and the few around us just underwent some repairs....

I bet a few of you were glad that you didn't have to tag along on any tours today, huh? We were glad to have the "day off" too!! Like I said, we will be here for perhaps two nights. We will decide in the morning. The laundry has been following me around for a few days and, once again, if I don't get it over to the washers it will just up and walk over on it's own. Might need that extra day just to get caught up!!
Hope everyone has a great Friday night!
Thought for the Day: This house (van) runs on love, laughter and cups of strong coffee...

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  1. Wish our truck ran on that Love, Laughter and Strong Coffee. Just arrived in Indiana and it wants another drink.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.